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  1. I think that boxedapp is a kind of alternative for detours. 
  2. Bush

    C++: Custom memory allocation

    Hi! Thanks to the author for the article!!! Recently, I was concerned about finding memory leaks in my code. Other programmers advised to use different  debuggers  (vld, memcheck, deleaker, insure...) Some were advised not to use dynamic memory. But the method proposed in the article is different, very simple and I hope, effective enough. Thanks, it is very helpful to me, +1 to the author
  3. Bush

    portable version of game

    I really found a lot of useful information and videos. Thank you all!
  4. Bush

    portable version of game

    Thanks, guys! At first I did not go that way! You have helped me! (I found the tutorials, to create portable application is easier than I thought) Thank you all!
  5. Bush

    portable version of game

    oh! I am grateful for the information!
  6. Hello!!! I have an interesting computer game. I want to create  a portable version of this game (no installation), so users can play it without having to install (at work, for example!). What technologies for creating and using portable games do you know?   
  7. Maybe you should use Valgrind or Deleaker for detecting memory leak?
  8. We work with flash for Android.... How can I load flash movies from source? I want to avoid of creating the temporary files...
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