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    Learning Direct3D Programming properly

    I'm not sure I would even know where to begin with that. I wouldn't know how to interact with hardware without using Direct3D functions.   I think that would be putting me way over my head for now, and that I should probably just stick with trying to learn how to use Direct3D properly.    What do you think?
  2. Hi GameDev community, it's been a while!   I've been doing hobby game programming for a few years now, but I feel like considering how long I've been doing it for, I am nowhere near as fluent with it as I should be.   I learned all that I know about DirectX 9 programming from www.directxtutorial.com and while I feel that was a decent start, I feel like I've missed learning a lot of things that is therefore limiting my ability to program. I've been able to make basic games in the past with not much of an issue, but now I decided to take on my biggest personal project so far, which is nothing huge, just a Doom-style FPS, and I'm quickly finding that I'm on the internet looking for help on things that I feel I should already know how to do.   That said, I'm wondering if anyone here can point me to a good resource (website/book/anything) on learning to program in DirectX properly. I had a look through the documentation that ships with the DXSDK but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  I need something that will start with the basics again, and not only tell me what to do but explain /why/ it works that way so that I can retain the information without it just being a bunch of jargon.   I'm still using Direct3D 9 functions, I've been meaning to learn Direct3D 11 functions but looking over it briefly it seems a lot more complex and I've been putting it off because of that.   So my questions are as follows:   -Do I need to learn to use 9 effectively before migrating to 11? -What is a good resource to start learning to program in DirectX effectively and know what I'm actually doing?   Thanks in advance.
  3. littletray26

    How Pointers Really Work

  4. What's on my mind?
  5. I'm going to have a break and maybe some breakfast. Please someone reply to my posts.
  6. Would not mind if people were replying to my post
  7. My crappy internet connection decided to send multiple copies of my last post. I don't know how to delete them, sorry about that!
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