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  1. Dream Cutter

    Royalty-free Anime Characters?

    Smith Micro Poser Game Dev editions include some anime content that is game licensable, as does DAZ3D store DS Studio search "DAZ Originals" and RealLusion store ICLone 3D Exchange Pipeline content, with the combined with the export / daz game developer license options.  Epect to use the appropriate applications to animate, decimate and convert figures to proper game use formats. (Ex .FBX > .x)
  2. Dream Cutter

    3D studio max: Different color with same texture?

    You are asking the MAX Viewport to show the rendered image (ie: materials baked with light shading applied), thats normally done with a preview.  Max mentel ray is not a biased render engine (AFIK) and I think you might be looking for that type of a solution with real-time ray traced light baking.  Maybe the V-Ray render engine (Chaos Group) or using a different render engine like LUX is what you are seeking.   For what its worth, I think the color can be changed by mapping ambient to a texture however having the shader color value (tint) something other than white _might_ be the approach you are after.  Perhaps if you explain your objective and starting point a bit more clearly I can point you into the best direction.
  3. There are some plugins like "FilterForge" that help make textures using procedures and SpiralGraphics "Genetica" is a premiere stand-alone procedural texture generator,  Both can create animated textures.  FilterForge is easier.  You can also use Photoshops built in image filters by starting with a base texture (photo of rock close up or such) and experiment with the various filter settings to get the effect you are seeking and save as jpg at a 1:1 resolution (square).  When you have a good color image, use the Filters/3D section in Photoshop to create Normal and Bump images to match the color jpeg.  If you really want to go and create insanely cool 3d displaced graphics - like bas relief or carved wood check out Algorithmics Substance maker and Painter tools however bewarned its not for the person who wants a one, two theree click solution. That would be the Filter Forge plugin (or standalone).   This model for game developers was textured bu using some FlterForge texture components like the rivet plates made by Rawn's Filter Forge filter (thanks Rawn!)
  4. Dream Cutter

    New to 3D and car modelling

    What modeling software do you want to use.  Blender.org is good and free however the learning curve is steeper for a beginner.  If cost is an issue I suggest Wings3d for modeling the cars mesh and get DAZ 3D Studio (DS) (free at daz3d.com) to rig it, and export as FBX for your game.  DAZ also has decimator (poly reduction) and texture atlas (formats all material group & layers to one)  plug ins to help make the figure the proper size and format for your game. Animations can be created in the DS timeline and exported as BHV.  You may need a tool like Ultimate Unwrap 3D to help with file format conversions (.fbx to .x say) and UV layout and animation loading.  If you have some cash to spare suggest Poser Pro Game Dev over DAZ because its a bit easier to learn and more flexible in terms of compatibility and such.  Just this week I made this Peashooter airplane figure rigged for game action with Poser and ZBrush modeler.  http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2754
  5. Dream Cutter

    Want to make a 3D game

    I would try to use Unity and go with the neat Poser 3d figures and lots of horses, people and tack props already created.  PoserPro 2014 Game Edition licenses ALL of thier content for games and for the cost one typical game licensed figure decent quality you can convert hundreds of figures.  Here is the scoop from the developer himself outlining the eula:
  6. Dream Cutter

    FAST GRAB ALERT: DAZ3D Indy Game Developer License 70% Off

    "That makes the indie licence just 90$, and the pro $450."   http://www.daz3d.com/forums/viewthread/57286/
  7. Dream Cutter

    FAST GRAB ALERT: DAZ3D Indy Game Developer License 70% Off

    DAZ 3D is a 3D Content Store.  DAZ has a free product (which is terrific IMO) called DAZ Studio 4.6 that competes with artist rendering systems like Poser.  You can use "DS 4.6" to pose, animate and bake textures of Wavefront, Collada and Filmbox mesh props and rigged figures and the DAZ and Poser proprietary content formats and export them out to standard formats like .OBJ, .FBX animated meshand BVH mocap.  The DAZ and Poser figures are super detailed and complicated, the HD figures may approach a billion polys so DS has plug-in tools like Decimator poly-reduction and Texture Atlas to merge materials into a single layer that make the exported content feasible in game engines. Do note that the license offered is only pertinate to "Daz Original" house branded products not the entire stores's catalog.  FWIW, Other 3d stores like Renderosity.com, ContentParadise (with Poser Game edition 2014)  and VanishinpPoint.biz, yurdigital.com, and RealLusion.com are starting to offer game publishable 3d content licenses.
  8. Normally I wouldn't hawk a deal but this is just too valuable to not share here.  These fast grabs can last 24 - 72 hrs so decide quick.   DAZ3D Indy Game Developer License 70% Off   ***Fast Grab Alert*** http://www.daz3d.com/indie-game-developer-license
  9. Dream Cutter

    Whats the point in hobby game programming?

    I like your polished and clean looking games.  Could be near as good as the originals were.  Seems to me that you were cutting your teeth cloning games designed by others (gameplay /art).  I don't think you can effectively compete with a copy cat product that is not at least twice as fun to play.  So.. maybe its time to exercise your imagination and create something original.  Even if it sucks in implementation and it does not become a commercial success you will be happier because the design is yours alone. for   Cheers - Here is my inspiration game site - oppisite of yours.  I starte with a vision... like this trailer “Navigating Plumeria Isles”  I created last weekend,  then build from there.  Its unconventional but so is the result.  Might help it stand out in the hobby crowd.  My games are rough around the edges and will make your cpu shriek in pain but the proof of concept is there  http://www.3dnld.com/ And no... I have not been picked up by a publishing house... just persevering as a hobby game developer.  Even a +1 is enough to spark a thrill enough to continue.
  10.       Intro to Poser Pro Game Dev Webinar! Join Steve Cooper, Poser Product Manager, in this 1-hour webinar as he takes you on a tour of the new Poser Pro Game Dev features and shows you how Polygon Reduction, Figure Combining and FBX support will enable you to develop interactive content for games made in Unity, Unreal or any other platform with FBX at its core. The free assets used to make the BotBattle game in Unity will be reviewed as well as the integration of Kinect for Windows. The webinar will conclude with a brief questions and answers session.     C Presented By: Steve Cooper, Poser Product Manager, Smith Micro Software Date:  Thursday, September 11, 2014 Time:  11:00AM PDT Duration:  1 Hour Software:  Poser FREE REGISTRATION NOW!       Don’t own Poser Pro Game Dev? Upgrade Options Here  
  11. The Cornucopia3d.com Exchange is a area where users of Plant Factory software upload freebie rigged plant models.  http://www.cornucopia3d.com/what... The E-On TPF EULA was expanded to include Cornucopia3d Exchange distribution and also 3d game publishing: http://www.e-onsoftware.com/wiki/ThePlantFactory/index.php/Documentation/Appendices/What_Changed_in_the_2014.5_EULA Export as OBJ or FBX with the free E-On Plant Factory Exporter:  http://www.plantfactory-tech.com...http://www.example.com    For instance I uploaded this animated beverage prop made where you can simulate a bar tender’s preparation and drinker’s consumption using this single versatile rigged prop. Rigged poly groups allow for Umbrella open/close & scale, Orange slice rotate & scale, Adjust Beverage level.  Using the free exporters (E-On and AD FBX to .,x) you can easily convert these for game use!  
  12.  Here is a cool tip:  Just got a flyer from Amazon Prime saying that streaming Music and ALBUMS are now available to Prime Users free… I searched Royalty Free and was happy with the results.  Royalty Free SFX and Music makes a great, safe placeholders while your audio engineer preps the real thing.
  13. Dream Cutter

    The Players Win - All 7 Million of them!

    That would have surprised me and I am glad thats not what happened.  I think this is the best outcome.  The free market prevailed and the customers of the game proved they are still have gold in their mine (wallets) and its worth extracting.  What would have not supprised me if a class action were brought forward on behalf of the consumers who would hae lost access to thier digital assets that resulted in some type of compensation for damages.  Only lawyers would win in that case and consumers would be left with a near worthless Zynga money game card.  Zynga has moved into real money gambling nowdays.   I think the value in this lesson of interest to GAMDEV readers is a real fairy-tale.  Almost like Aesop -In that as a indy game designer, if creative, compelling and open ended your creation may foster a dedicated society of its own.  Even if sold to a major distributor and no matter who mangled the publisher positions it to take advantage of consumers to maximum effect - if the concept is unique and endeared by the base, it will out last the publisher and may actually come back home.  I think there are other examples before Yoville, but it has got to be the largest so far.
  14. Following  a long arduous media battle on Zynga decision to shut down its widely popular Yo-Ville social game (+7M players at its peak)  the players position and instance that YoVille must be saved prevailed with the help of a white knight.  Today we have (http://yoworld.com/)!  The original creator Big Viking Games bought back the rights to their game, and relaunched as YoWorld.  Kind of an amazing story against most odds and expectations here that thought the decision was final.  Are YOU surprised about the turn of events?
  15. Dream Cutter

    Oggie's aMazing Bone Flute Hop

    Oggie's aMazing Bone Flute Hop 3D Musical Labyrinth game for Webgl Browser, Android, Mac & Win. Ver1.   My latest webgl/android project is now a multi-level labyrinth game that can be played straight from the web browser. It features the DAZ 3D's licensed figures including Undead Fiend, Slime Beast, Monster Rat and the Big Cat 2 Tiger critters Note these figures are available for game use at DAZ3D.com with a DAZ game license.  http://1-ogg.com/content/featured-webgl-game Initially the Beta featured different characters and only one level and no adversaries. Now the game progresses through a series progressively harder mazes where you must beat the clock by finding your way and avoiding distracting critters. Lots of memory optimization to be able to get the animated skydome and a game working in Android - but it does :)   Its not perfect however I am still quite pleased with the results. What do you think? 
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