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  1.   I think this will have to happen! This would make sense, but would be hard to do - Elves and Dwarfs are classic names, while something other than mage would be tough... (And come to think of it, I feel like mage would be too pointed to magic, even though I think I'll be removing magic from the available stats... unless I added several perks and traits allowing mages being better at magical skills/items.... idk! So what name would be good?
  2. Camas

    My MMORPG ideas

    Making an MMORPG? Read this. I mean, you ABSOLUTLY HAVE TO read this: http://books.google.com/books/about/Developing_Online_Games.html?id=mvuUPxXyB7AC   It will show you an inside view on exactly what to do. It's even helped me on my journey to make a non-mmorpg! And here's another tip: When the book says to design every single aspect of the game before programming, it means it - don't learn it the hard way like me!!!!!   Anyways, about the grinding - often MMO's are designed to be grinded for one reason - to waste time. Players often assume MMORPG's are supposed to give them hundreds and hundreds of hours of game-play time. And they'd be right - nearly all of these games are forced to make players grind for this reason! So if you hate grinding, you'll need to think of another way for players to use up time!    Good luck friend. You'll need it. ;)
  3.   I mostly agree with you, although you seem to contradict yourself - You first say Mage is a odd race due to it not being a race normally, then say that Dwarf and Elf should not be used due to it being used often in gaming.   Although its true, Dwarfs and Elves are used all the time...
  4.   Yes! That's exactly what I was thinking!         While I dislike having a player choosing a class in the beginning of the game, this certainly sounds like a good way to get around it, and fits into my system - to allow the player to choose and change their character on the fly. I'll certainly look into this! (This is kinda like my idea for autobuild, but better!)         Oh wow, 300 pages. I shall read!!! Thanks!   EDIT: There is also one huge gaping hole in my system. What does magic do!? This is a copy-paste from my design document so far:   Stats Stats define the player's level and what Skills to use. The Stats available list as: 1. Strength – Defines amount of damage per hit 2. Defence – Defines the amount to remove from incoming damage 3. Agility – How much the player can dodge blows, as well as the speed of attacks 4. Magic -  ???   As you can see, each stat affects the player, except magic.    I think I'll be removing magic from the list, I suppose. ._. Unless you guys have an idea....   And before you ask, having Magic effect "speed of mana regen" or something won't work, I think - this is due to mana not just affecting Mages but all races and all skills.... >.>
  5. Hello all! For a while now I've been working on a Custom RPG Minecraft server. For this project I've been working on my own RPG System, and it's been evolving for months now. I've been surfing the interwebs looking for an RPG game that has something that's based on my system, to no avail.   I'm assuming this is due to my system being a horrid and confusing mess, but we shall see! Here's a summary:   There are three races the player can pick from: Elf, Mage and Dwarf Each player has different Attributes or Stats, which are Strength, Defence, Agility and Magic. Each player also can pick Skills, or abilities, such as Heal, Frost Arrow, Lockpick or Flaming Blade. (There are many of these)   Unlike most games I've seen, your race does not define what skills are available to you: your race simply gives you simple perks (such as +10% Strength).    Skills are usable depending on your stats though - examples are "Ice Tomb: Lvl 3 MAG, Lvl 2 STR", which of course means Enabling Ice Tomb requires the player to have Magic at level 3 or more, and Strength at Level 2.    Skills can be crafted, bought (from both server and players), traded, dropped by monsters, and given/used in quests.   You can easily refund stats to pour into another stat. ------------------------   This system is nice just because it allows a player to want to be a "Tanky Dwarf" at the beginning, then switch to a "Fire Mage" afterwards. I'm also thinking of allowing the player to pick a "build", which would make the game pick the skills/stats wanted automagicaly, instead of the player picking them - examples of builds could be "thief", "Ranger", or "Healer".    One thing you'll notice is that this system is relatively simple for any n00b to play - and you'd be right. I'm not favorable toward a game which requires you to reset your character once you figure out how to spend stat points!     So, is this idea any good? Any ideas how to make it better? Thanks for reading! -JoshCamas
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