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    Yes I know I am working on a post in Classified section sorry
  2. ninjasebFan


    We need help with coming up with costs and ect... So yeah we have characters ready and skins for our MOBA but we need a price limmit with it. So here is where you come in. You will come up with what the characters will cowst in game and with real money. Application: Name: Age: Skype:(Needed) Why should you be in this?: What makes you better?: What will you bring to us?: Thanks for sending the application and hope you make it
  3. ninjasebFan

    Need Artist!

    Hey guys I am a newbie game maker planning on making a third person MOBA style game, so if ya think ya can help with designing come on and comment. So we need a artist to come up with art to make 3D and we would like to have a very good one. So come on and make us art! Application: Name: Age: Art YOU recently made: Skype: (Need it to keep contact) DropBox Account: Why do you deserve this position: What makes you better then anyone else?:
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