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  1. hey guys im working on a Rogue-Like and i am thinking about doing videos on it for YouTube but i want to be able to record it a 720p and to do that i need to know how to change the resolution; also i would like to know how to make the program window look like a normal window.
  2. okay i was coding some last night i compiled and made sure the program was running correctly it was then today i change some code something is wrong its not working then i go back to what i had last night nothing changed AT ALL and the same thing was happening, so then i go back to something i had working a couple days ago....same thing it says error CS1518 for the code          static void Main(string[] args) { Console.Title = "Project Criminal"; Console.SetWindowSize(120, 48); Initialize(); do { player.Update(); } while(isGameAlive); }   why is it doing this all of a sudden?   EDIT:went back to something several days ago and it still compiles correctly no error or anything and its the same code the only difference is whats in the "" in console.title   EDIT 2: fixed it apparently when i went back i didnt catch everything and long story short there was 1 too many closing brackets.
  3. miradosamurai

    Rogue-Like AI help needed

    hey guys i am working on a Rogue-Like right now and i am at a part where i am adding AI right now i am having trouble talking to the, well getting them to talk to me.The NPC i am trying to get the AI for is the owner of a small computer shop (the game is set in the 1993 ) i want to be able to interact with him (i already got interacting with things like doors working) and him to say "Hello and welcome to the Computer Helper shop, my name is John, is there anything you need help with?" and then you can press Y(es) or N(o) to be able to buy a computer i know how i can get the yes and no and getting the actual computer to show up in your house, or i will be able to figure it out fast if i don't; my problem is actually getting him to talk.
  4. miradosamurai

    roguelike ASCII size

    i am making a roguelike game and right now i want to change the font size so i can see it better 
  5. miradosamurai

    Need Help With rogue-like problem

    thsnk you all
  6. miradosamurai

    Need Help With rogue-like problem

    i have loosely followed this tutorial (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB062D4D37FECD5A6) to the second episode most of the stuff in my code is the same as his though same movement and anti-flickering etc not much difference same ype of map style as his but mine is bigger and a small room in the middle different character symbol more health different name and no mana.
  7. miradosamurai

    Need Help With rogue-like problem

    sorry i wasn't meaning to be rude, also i miss read Paradigm Shifters reply and i though he meant turn based; also like i said i am doing this as a learning experience so i am a noob or whatever you want to call me , i do not understand c# 100% and i do not know how to do most of the things on this website. 
  8. miradosamurai

    Need Help With rogue-like problem

    like i said i am doing this to learn and i don't know how to do that and no its not going to be 1 square at a time.
  9. hey guys i am working on a rogue like game and i have quickly hit a problem ,which is i don't know how to make a wall in the game that the player can't walk through i have got boundaries set up but that's it and if you didn't notice the tag im coding in C#.by the way if your thinking i should know this code like the back of my hand im mainly working on this as a learning thing so please don't be rude.   actually its not going to be turn based the enemies/npcs are going to move whether you do or not. and like i said i am doing this to learn so i don't know how to do that paradigm.
  10. miradosamurai

    where to get started

    hey guys i want to get started in game making ive learned a good bit of C# and would like to start working on a game. what do i do?
  11. hey i want to make a game with unity 3d but i dont know which code would be best used for things java or c++.i know a little java so im kinda leaning towards that.
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