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  1. Hello again! First of all, thank you to those who were kind enough to comment or give an upvote on my intro blog entry, it is greatly appreciated. This entry I would like to introduce you to my game. To do that I want to first share the URL of my website: https://www.wildorigin.online/ it is a work in progress, and incomplete. That said I feel it is good enough for the moment to give someone an introduction to the game until I can produce polished videos and GIFs to really make it stand out. Which brings up two questions: 1. What is your software preference for recording video/gameplay, and why? 2. Also, what do you use to make your GIFs and is it different from your video recording software? Please leave your comments and questions below in response to this blog. Thank you! - Cody
  2. Cody.Rauh

    Wild Origin - A Frontier Planet

    Album for Wild Origin - A Frontier Planet
  3. Cody.Rauh

    Hello GDNet!

    First of all I would like to say it is very encouraging to see a community of people all creatively working towards building their vision. I believe it is very important to have a community to bounce your ideas off of, get feedback from, and support each other. Especially in this day and age where it seems most people are telling you "No one cares what you have to say." or "Your ideas are a dime a dozen", and other discouraging things. I believe those things probably are true, most people really don't care and our ideas may not be unique or new, but I believe our passions are worth sharing. I have been in the virtual world & indie game industry for 13+ years as a 3D Artist. Despite that time spent, I would say I am about average at best as an artist. I am really not the best at anything, yet I still have the ambition to build worlds for people to explore and enjoy, something I feel many in this community have a similar desire to achieve. I likely don't have much to offer, but please feel free to reach out in a message, and I would be glad to help if I can. Before I go I have a small little teaser. I rebuilt this Panda Corey which I lost last year due to a computer crash during saving. I had exported the fbx and textures already luckily but the 3D software file itself was corrupted and unrecoverable. Tonight I spent a few hours putting the little fella back together again and I am so glad to see him back. Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read, and feel free to comment if you like! - Cody
  4. Cody.Rauh

    Seeking - Music & Sound Effect Artists

    Hello Jigglbizz, Thank you for the pm, I look forward to speaking with you! Respectfully, - Cody
  5. Job Outline: This position will report directly to the Project Manager. Wild Origin is looking for Music Composers, and Sound Effect Creators. A portfolio is required as part of the application, 8-bit & Chiptune style preferred. Knowledge: The position requires familiarity with retro classic style games, and sci-fi environments. Skills: - Chiptune/8-bit styleMusic Composition or - Chiptune/8-bit style Sound Effects. Abilities: - Organized - Active Listening Other Characteristics: The applicant should be friendly and easy to work with. Willing to contribute 5 hours approximately per week to the project, and able to stay on the project long enough to produce at least one piece of music or five sound effects. Project Information: https://cody-rauh.artstation.com/
  6. Cody.Rauh

    Seeking - HR Specialist

    Why would you downvote someone looking for help?
  7. Job Outline: This position will report directly to the Project Manager. Wild Origin is looking for an HR Specialist willing to assist in the following: - Job KSAO Assessment - Creation of Future Position Postings - Strategic HR Management - Recruitment Strategy - Benefit Planning Knowledge: The position requires intermediate level knowledge of HR practices, such as Strategic HR, Policy & Conduct development. As well as an advanced level of knowledge into Recruiting and Retaining team members. Skills: - Professional Verbal & Written Communication - Time Management Abilities: - Organized - Active Listening Other Characteristics: The applicant should be friendly and easy to work with. Willing to contribute 5 hours approximately per week to the project. Be willing to work with the Project Manager to help build an effective and happy team of contributors. 3+ years of HR employment experience is desired. Project Information: https://cody-rauh.artstation.com/
  8. We are currently seeking someone who has the ability to set up communication between database, socket server, and game client. Platform: Windows/Mac Game Client: Unity 3D Socket Server Solution: Photon Server Database: Godaddy ( vps ) windows 2012 r2 Here is the game website: http://www.wildorigin.online/ Thank you
  9. I noticed that you said the current quality doesn't reflect the final quality of the game. Are you looking for graphics freed back yet, or only game play. Additionally anything in specific that you would really like input on Matias?
  10. Cody.Rauh

    Forest graphics

    I think this work is great first of all. When I look at this and the skill used to draw from a consistent angle I get a little slack jawed. My question though is, why not make 3D models of these objects, use your skills to texture the objects. Snapshot them from multiple angles to help reduce your workload? This way you can make a couple 3D asset, and convert it into the same 2D images and rotate them and change colours and hue values of object in 3D editor to boost your variety of 2D assets.
  11. Not sure if people check this portion of my profile, but just wanted to say hello to the community!
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