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  1. Cody.Rauh

    Ideas for business related with games

    A person with an idea shouldn't be too hard to find, especially now that you posted you have money on a forum. It will be like blood in the water to a bunch of sharks.That said what you are looking for is a business with a plan, who needs seed funding. Due to the low amount of capital I am going to assume ( please correct me if I am wrong ) that you are inexperienced as an investor. There is nothing wrong with the amount you have to invest, however you need to be aware of this concept: At your current level of capital ideally you would want to back 100 ideas at $20. Look for someone that is willing to give you a 8-12% ROI weekly over the period of 3 to 6 months. This would be someone very reliable that needs a tool, or equipment to do their job in some sort of gig economy. Usually "investors" are playing a much longer game, with much larger capital. I would look for a hard working kid during the fall season needing tools to rake leaves in his neighborhood at this level. While the idea is ridiculous as his parents would likely give him the tools or the money to buy them, that is the scope/size of project you can take on with your current investor capital. So this would likely be a little absurd. However if you went above $20 to say $100 or $200 your risk of ruin would be substantial. You would need 1 project to pay $2000 for the other 9 projects that would likely fail, and that is to break even. I do not wish to discourage you, there is definitely an opportunity here for you to do something smart with your $2,000. That said "investors" do their homework and research before investing, and you should too! Posting to a forum on the internet is the fastest way to find an idea and lose your money. Respectfully, Cody
  2. Vision: Create an evolving Universe a fragment at a time. For information about the game please visit: Seeking people who can create sound or music, and willing to voluntarily contribute to the project in exchange for a copy of the games their work is used in. This is not a paid project. Really looking for good-nature people willing to submit original sounds and music to the Wild Origin universe. I believe music and sound creates the feeling of life in a game, and believe the components to be as important as the programming, and art in the worlds being developed. Musicians are asked to contribute 3 tracks to be added to each game's credits, and Sound Effect artists are asked to contribute 15 sounds. Requirements: Ability to create original work that doesn't infringe on IP rights of other creators. Ability to speak and write in English. ( voice chat will be required throughout project. ) Must be 18+ and legally able to enter into a contribution agreement. ( will be signed before submitting work. ) If interested in contributing to the project please visit the Wild Origin discord server. Your time and consideration are greatly appreciated.
  3. @EddieK It is really great seeing you progress through your game! You are definitely improving, one thing to keep in mind, is grey/concrete can have other colors mixed in as well. For instance a small amount of reddish brown, or yellow to give a little contracts. Great progress, and also congrats on image of the day!
  4. Cody.Rauh

    Democratizing the Development: Vote on a Game!

    I really appreciate that, more than you. That feedback probably made my whole day actually, lol. I never thought it would be perceived that way, so once again I greatly appreciate the advice. Please feel free to keep checking in on the blog or if you like lurk in the discord server: would be great having you around for your insights!
  5. Cody.Rauh

    Democratizing the Development: Vote on a Game!

    I think this is one of those things that was a miscommunication due to lack of context on my part. My apologies for the lack of clarity, the purpose was never to eliminate any of the mini games. It was to prioritize the one that people wanted most, first. Ideally after the winner is developed, then it is replaced with a new option, and then players would get to once again vote one which one they see developed, until all the mini games are developed. It isn't about elimination as much as timeline and priority. What is so important is that each mini-game while acting as a stand alone introduces a new fragment of the overall universe concept. This is also done in a fashion to allow me to develop and build my skill level as a C# dev to ensure when finish completing the mini-games I will be prepared to take on the development of a larger more encompassing game. If I understand you correctly, when you say "playing with the players" do you feel the poll manipulates the voter/player? For me the goal is to do something suitable to my skill level, at the moment and grow the game as I grow. I believe many people start at... lets make a HUGE OPEN WORLD SANDBOX RPG... I am like, lets make a tiny little single level project. I would much prefer 12oz of strawberry lemonade, opposed to 50 gallons of salty sea water for the purpose of drinking. Thank you, I greatly appreciate it! I believe it is a mix of both, and my heart is in it, even after 13 years of work, I believe that rare quality will be a major component for improving the chance of success in today's age of impulse. Better to fail 1000 times and finally succeed, then try once and fail and give up.
  6. Cody.Rauh

    Democratizing the Development: Vote on a Game!

    I greatly appreciate your response! Anonymous down votes don't give me any actionable feedback for improvement, so I appreciate you taking the time to write out that feedback. Currently I feel any chance of success is completely at the mercy of the online community in general. I know exactly what I want to do, and yet I have seen amazing and talented developers get scathing reviews due to Reddit trolls or toxic elements of the online community. I can't help but feel some of that malice really hurts those developers. I am trying to find a way to avoid it myself. Any suggestions? I also would have liked to provided more context to this entry, however seeing attitudes like TL;DR I thought it best just to ask the question and respect peoples time. How can I handle this better next time Scouting Ninja? Are you talking about the entire idea for the complete game series, or one of the mini games specifically? Thank you so much again for the feedback! I look forward to seeing your reply to my questions. Respectfully, Cody
  7. @EddieK Good progress, definitely progress in the right direction. Don't forget to color balance your positive and negative space! You need to have some contrast of color between your objects on the ground and the ground itself. Maybe consider something like this. Objects on top layer ( flying ) Light colors Objects on ground ( turrets, walls, ground units ) medium colors Ground itself a darker colors This guide will show you how DOTA recommends you design RTS units. This can also be applied to your game, especially the color wheel for color palettes. I look forward to your next blog post!
  8. Today I wanted to offer something a little bit different. I wanted to give you guys a vote on which of the mini-games you would like to see produced first. Vote Here: I believe it is important to deliver a game you guys want, rather than just throwing out my random ideas and believing it is what everyone else wants, cause that is what I want.
  9. Cody.Rauh


    @jigglebizz It is my recommendation that we take this to private email or message if you would care to discuss this further. Public forum is not the place for internal disputes, and looks poorly for both of us.
  10. Cody.Rauh


    You are correct Chris, unfortunately, due to recent events I had planned to close this thread. If you are curious about the event you can read that here: . I had made the modification to the website very late last night and ended up falling asleep before getting to this thread to make the update. I will still be closing this thread, however, and do appreciate you posting with your question. One of the other reasons for the delay in closing is the fact that the musician decided to make the private issue, public which now makes the response and closing more complicated as I had NOT planned on mentioning him publicly. I do not find it professional to name names in disputes or go about in public community space to hash out unresolved issues. So I am in the middle of crafting a professional response appropriate to the event.
  11. @EddieK True honest, assessment.. it looks like a bad prototype made by a programmer, and here is what you can do to help it when you are ready to focus on that part. Look in Summary: The assets look like bad, cheap prefabs. That said, don't despair you have plenty of time to develop the art assets once you have the gameplay where you want it. I believe it is terrific to work with placeholders until you have custom art, and it just seems to be where you are at, so don't sweat it. 1. Textures: The current ones look like they have multiple themes and styles to them. You will want to work with someone to help nail down a consistent look and feel of what you have in mind, and maybe recruit a seasoned 3D/Modeler and texture to beef up the polish. Right now the textures are also super bland and generic, like a freebie repository download. I would suggest looking at some sort of low poly style if you can't find an artist to assist you. This way you can do some super low poly models and do colors on material fields and let post processing help give it polish. 2. Scale: When I look at it I can't help but feel that the squares look like small turrets too big, and trucks look shrank down like ants. You could easily scale up your trucks to make them look more appropriate to size. While you are at it, make the turrets take up 90% of the square vs 35%. I know I just sounded like I contradicted myself, however, the point is you have too much negative space and not enough positive space in your scene. Which is making it look empty and dead! 3. User Interface: It makes me cringe, cause it mostly isn't there, and what is there well, frankly, looks like once again something done by a programmer without artistic experience. A simple and consistent font will go a long way with any text! Try to keep it uniform throughout all elements. Icons eventually can be the actual models themselves that are screenshots of your assets with a transparent background. Conclusion: it is far too early for you to worry about the cosmetics and what random butthole on Reddit has to say about your game. So what if it looks bad now. Nearly all games look like crap in the beginning, unless they are done by an artist, and then they just look pretty and play like a bag of crap, lol! You gotta remember 80% of the internet is pretty much full of toxic critics that probably hate their own lives and everyone around them. So right now appreciate the 20% here to help you, and as you progress that number will swap places and that is how you know you are ready to launch. Best of Luck, pm me if you need more help ^^ - Cody
  12. Updated to reflect new roles now open.
  13. Cody.Rauh


    Ethan, my apologies for the late reply, didn't get the email notification for the reply on this. I will send you a PM shortly. Respectfully, Cody
  14. Hello again! First of all, thank you to those who were kind enough to comment or give an upvote on my intro blog entry, it is greatly appreciated. This entry I would like to introduce you to my game. To do that I want to first share the URL of my website: it is a work in progress, and incomplete. That said I feel it is good enough for the moment to give someone an introduction to the game until I can produce polished videos and GIFs to really make it stand out. Which brings up two questions: 1. What is your software preference for recording video/gameplay, and why? 2. Also, what do you use to make your GIFs and is it different from your video recording software? Please leave your comments and questions below in response to this blog. Thank you! - Cody
  15. Cody.Rauh

    Wild Origin - A Frontier Planet

    Album for Wild Origin - A Frontier Planet
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