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  1. [Update 1]   Part 3 just released. watch it , don't forget to Like and Subscribe. this part is about the first steps, and the video game elements.  
  2. it is less, it is about 40,45 min. and remember that this series is for the begginers, so it is essential. and you think that was easy. these 6 videos took about 6 months of work. don't judge it quickly.
  3. sorry, but all of the basic video already been captured and edited. and the others are about 10 min. I tried my best to not make it boring. thanks for feedback
  4. yes, in part 7. that doesn't mean learning is ended, we will still have game designing parts too. no I think that good, most of the feedbacks are about "when we are going to learn how to become a game developer?" and they are right. I think this 6 parts , that are about 45 mins are enough for a quick start.   and please specify the problem that you have with that sentence , maybe I can explain to you in other ways. thnx for feedback.
  5. Thanks. Yeah I will put my Bio in the next video. it is ready, and I will put it in Wednesday. Yeah, in the next video we are going to talk about first two steps and the element of video games. and after that we are going trough game dev team , what are the professions in there are what each do. then we will have a FAQ part of video. then we are going to cover some knowledge about game engines. now the BASIC parts get over (6 parts) and From part 7 we are going trough engine. let me not say which game engine. after that we are going trough 2 more game engines and cover the coding and art designing in each. in the middle of these video I teach the content of video games , assets, terrain, textures, models, different techniques. after that we are going to cover the game creation outside of game engines , like text-based games, and other things like tic-tac-toe in C++ , C# , Python & etc. then we are going to mention the game designing techniques, how to create a character, how to right story. I my self am writer too, I past so many writing classes when I were kid, so I know that there are so many empty holes in game stories today , so we are going to cover them academic. then after that we are going to create our own game engine using C++(not sure, but it seems the best choice).   I've been a programmer for 6 years, and game designer for than that time. maybe 9 years, and I know my way. If I didn't had any published work it doesn't mean I don't know anything, that's because of millions of reasons and one of them is money. that was a quick and overall overview over these series. it may change, and other contents may be added.
  6. I don't think anyone has purposely been rude or negative, just tried to point out how you can improve your videos and teaching ability.   well I'm not getting anything from rude actions and dislikes. All I'm saying is that we worked hard on these series and we series at least like , Good lucks and Thanks. then if there is any feedback I would be glad to hear. this is not the way. just think for a moment. put yourself in my place. I just explained a very important and famous thing about limit and freedom , and I get Dislikes. anyone could get offended by this. just put yourself in my situation and see. If there is anything wrong just tell me. they just get some bad views over me. and start teasing whatever I say.
  7. yes and I do appreciate them. but giving dislikes is something very rude. .. I do accept and appreciate all the critics. and I am not complaining about the criticism. these are two completely different thing from each other. and yes I do accept and carry on with every single feedback that I get, but these are not feedback (the negatives, and The teasing, some guys messaged me and said do you take these videos seriously?). I'm sure you yourself don't count them as criticizes . and yes, I really don't have anything to show you as prototype or anything you say, but I am telling you that I am experienced and I worked in different teams and groups. but unfortunately I didn't have any published work cause non of our works , cause we couldn't finish them up. indie game development need money, and when you are not in USA you can not publish games that much easy. I can't do anything for it, so stop teasing, If you don't believe me , then no problem. I think you believe in me too. there is so much difference between criticizing and teasing. and it is not on purpose, but they had been put in a situation, and start giving negative feedback whatever I say. so if you think you see that I am type of people who love criticizes cause they really help us to grow, but the answer of teasing , and these dislikes are nothing less than the replay that I just gave. and I'm not talking about you sirs. but about those actions
  8. No I didn't mean every body sir. manners bring manners. No I didn't mean you. There are so many great users in this website, so many of my friend are active user in here. so many great critised, by JackBid , Serapth and others were really helpful. but is others action right? Ok dislike this post, I don't actually care. laugh at these videos. I believe in these videos, I put time and money on these videos, I studied a lot and I have lots of thing to say and carry on. I will continue these videos and nothing can even disappoint me even a little. but I see some action that are even inhumane. when some one worked out hard on something , don't disappoint her/him.don't try to tease him. and I know because the young age, because I don't have published work(I would have If I wanted, I had so many projects, in teams and solo), and because I'm not native and maybe I don't speak English as well as a native, yeah even I say 2=2 I get dislike and BOOOS .. :| this is really sick I'm really sorry for some guys here. you didn't understand how to respect. and dislike as many times as you like , gather your friends and dislike with each other. Ok you are the cool one without any mistake, and I am Just piece of junk. I don't care. I will carry on. I will respect the one who are polite and respectful, I will use the criticizes, I will thank every one who give me feed back , and I will try to get better. get better and continue.
  9. this website's member are just start thinking and acting against me. I'm really sorry for you. I advertised this videos in so many websites and I get so many good , positive and negative feedback from polite people. The Only thing that I get from here is "NEGATIVE" , even when I'm explaining the Most important thing in games, limitation. If you haven't read I don't care, but if you want to act like losers and just put negatives and dislikes on my posts , you are on your own. it is very rude.I can see it. everyone is acting some kind of weird. and I know I get some dislikes from this post too. cause who cares , "that guy is posting , boo that shit, he is stupid!!!" I'm sorry for this website and it's members.
  10. Please wait. this is not just the only part of these series. From part 6 we are going to start working on game engine, start programming and lots of other stuffs. be patient please.
  11.   no it is not insulting. I exactly mentioned why we don't consider those things as a limitation. well by your logic we can never remove the limitation. see, imagine if you have full access to the laser beam in your eyes, the example that you yourself gave. I give it to you , but are you now a limitless man?  no , cause for example you can not shoot green laser. imagine I give you the green laser ability , now are you limitless? still no , cause for example you don't have something else. as you see it is never going to end, so we will return to our definition , we should put a rule to control this definition. what is a free man in our definition.  cause we have a LIMIT, and of course we should have the opposite of it too , I mean a place with no limit, let us call it the FREEDOM. so what is this freedom? opposite of that LIMIT? we have a definition in politics , that  says converting from dictatorship into democratic gov is to move from smaller cage to bigger one. in here , in this definition we can use the fact above. see the biggest cage that we can imagine , (in real world , not from paranormal or fantasy worlds) is life. so we consider it as the FREE PLACE or TIME. now when we put borders and limitation on it , now we are limited. I explained these things exactly after I said that sentence, the problem is you hear, you start criticizing in your mind , and that action take your attention and you can not resume the listening. If there is any more dilemma , just replay me. I would be glad to explain anything that been hard to understand.
  12. I mean the -1 , on the main post...
  13. I really didn't get annoyed with the things that you said , you criticized me and that was good right, but that person who gave me negative mark above really made me sad. I had made these video , put about half a year on those just for you , even if it is the worst you don't have right to do these actions. it's really impolite and inhumane. I am really sorry for you. it really hurt me, even the worst work deserves a "Good luck" , not negative mark... I'm really sorry for these actions. after all of these times that I had been working on these series, I see what I deserve...
  14. you are right.of course I had experiences. I work as game designer , but unfortunately non of our projects had been published, because of so many think , specially financial problem and lack of sponsor. you are right , I actually don't have any published work to show you? but I assure you that I had experiences. we are working on a indie game right now, I think we will have our trailer in 6 months , if you want to wait you would see
  15. thank you very much. I've found it useful , and yes I know these problems , and well I try my best , hope I get succesful in this way. thanks you , I'll try better on the words and explanations , I realized it before too. about the knowledge yes, but it is not the time , from video number 7 it is going to be more pro as we are going to work with an actual game engine. about the music you are right , hope it doesn't make any trouble , I'm working on a music for my videos. thank you!
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