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    thanks for advice, will keep in mind !!!
  2. Hello, I am a boy from India and am a newbie to programming or whatsoever. I'm a hardcore Gamer of 15 years and would like to break into Video Game Industry as a Game Programmer (eg:- GamePlay Programmer)... I started gaming since I was just 4, and have passion for them since. And I currently am an editor at [url="http://www.ppsf.co.uk"]PPSF[/url]. Let's move on to the topic... I have started Programming in C++, just as a newbie. When I searched the career section of the big game studios like Ubisoft, Bungie, Crytek, etc...They mentioned that C++ is a must, so I want to select C++ as the language to go on with. (You can also suggest if you want me to select anything other or whatsoever) I really want to work in the studios that I mentioned above. I need your help to guide me to be a Game Programmer. Please suggest me "HOW SHALL I PROCEED ? " Thanks In Advance and for spending time. Bob Ghosh
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