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  1. mouse input

    [quote name='phil67rpg' timestamp='1351286798' post='4994265'] how do I start to use windows message to interact with my mouse [/quote]
  2. mouse input

    Use SFML! It's great and you can use it for commercial use if you want to! It also includes sounds and I forget if it includes anything else. It is also free. I also found a pong tutorial with SFML! Website: Licensing: Pong Tutorial:
  3. choosing a library for c++

    Ogre 3d is great. It is under the [url=""]MIT License[/url] and has many tutorials you just have to search through the wiki and stuff. [url=""][/url] [url=""]http://www.ogre3d.or.../tiki-index.php[/url] [url=""]http://www.ogre3d.or...?page=Tutorials[/url] And for input and sound I like SFML and you can use this for commercial or non commercial games whether they are open source or not. [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] Also here is a tutorial I have used and it is great for starting out in SFML. It shows you how you can set up SFML and any other library in Visual Studios C++. It also shows you how to make a pong game with SFML.
  4. C++ Libraries Questions

    [quote name='Servant of the Lord' timestamp='1349659283' post='4987820'] "[i]Since Q1 2007, binary version of PhysX SDK is free for commercial and non-commercial use.[/i]" - [url=""]source[/url] Better read the license though, just in case (and I can't seem to find the actual license anywhere, so you probably need to download it to find out for sure). You could also try [url=""]Bullet[/url], which [i]is[/i] open source. (zlib) OpenAL = Open source sound, if you use an earlier version. Later versions are proprietary, according to wikipedia. [img][/img] ([i][size=2]Then why's it called "Open"?![/size][/i]) Networking = Berkley sockets, but that's rather low level. [url=""]ENET[/url] maybe? [url=""]RakNet[/url] is higher level but is a commercial product. [/quote] Thanks!
  5. Hello I have a couple questions about some c++ libraries. 1. Are you allowed to use physx in a commercial game? 2. What are some open source libraries for networking and sound? I can't find that many that are open source. Thanks!
  6. Torque 3d has good networking and you can add ai bots. But I prefer UDK, it is really really easy to add ai and you can make ctf, tdm, or ffa game in a few minutes. If you have any other questions about udk, please ask.
  7. Macs vs PCs?

    Keep them coming
  8. Macs vs PCs?

    Thanks for all of the responses...
  9. Unity UDK and Unity

    So I tried both udk and unity and they both seem great. I was wondering what do you guys prefer. Which would you recommend? I prefer UDK because it has built in mobile, already has many games released on steam/pc like dungeon defenders, sanctum. It only cost 99$ but royalties doesn't really matter to me. So why do you like each engine? Maybe list the pros and cons? Thanks!
  10. Macs vs PCs?

    I remember watching a show on facebook and if I remember correctly they use macs. Now for web I can understand why you would use a mac but what about for gaming. What do companies like Infinity Ward, Treyarch, EA, Dice, Ubisoft, etc. use? And what do you use?
  11. New to game development; Where do I start?

    I personally think if you are new to programming, start with python. Very simple and you can get some basics... Java is also really good to start with. Save C++ for later. It's better to get basics down first.
  12. Tell me an engine

    I own a copy of torque 3d and it's really nice. They even have a zombie pack which you can buy (requires torque 3d) which is around 60$. I think that will give a a big head start if you use that pack.
  13. [size=4]Hello. I am going to start java game development. I want to make a survival rpg game. I was going to use python but decided to use java. So anyone have any good tutorials and tools to use? Thanks in advanced![/size]
  14. I am actually going to use java. My goal is to learn C++ one day so I am going to java since it is more like it than python. But I still want to learn python.
  15. If anyone has any more comments, tips, tools, etc please tell me! Thanks for all the help!