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  1. Thanks for your answer.and im sorry if take your time a lot to understand what am i said.(i'm working on it).
  2. Thanks pash and Bane. i try to answer those question pash asked before. And after the find answer i saw all of you guys had discussion about choose C++ and C#(or other language). and most choose C# because is so easy to work with it and learn for beginner. I can't find any topic for give right Direction to Amateur like me.all topic just said you have to learn any language and then you can make game. None of them tell exactly after finish the for example C# you can go to XNA for instance. Or after you learn C++ what you have done next? So all Beginner(like me)is so confused about all of them and saw everyone worked with C++ so he decide to do that completely Blind. I think is better for me to back to C# and work with XNA for a while and make some simple game have some exp and then back to C++ and continue. what do you think guys? You think this is right choice for me?
  3. [quote name='Pash' timestamp='1352821547' post='5000602'] No offence but posting on a forum board will not always honor a response from the members of said forums, especially when you cannot see the formatting of a question before counting it as a view post. You want to be a game programmer. Well, you're in the right place and that's a good start. Did you do any research on why you want to use C++, or did you just take someone's advice as a golden rule? What can you tell us about game programming with C++ or programming with it general? What about compared to the languages you mentioned that you have experience in? Answer those questions for us and then people will understand your learning path and assist you further. Cheers, Pash [/quote] first of all thanks. Second of all about those question you asked.1.yes i take advice from someone and start to learn C++,and i can't tell you anything at all about game programming With C++ because i don't have any clue and knowledge in this field. about question 2.i don't know which of those language i said, what capability had in Game Fields and as i said before i don’t have expert skill of those Language. Maybe right now my skill about C++ so better other than those language. i create this topic because i want to assure this is right path i choose and i want to know what is best option for me in next step so i create this topic and hope someone help me to figure out. and lack my information in Game Development issue Because of my country. Oh thanks BaneTrapper for your Mean post.oh i'm sorry for waste your precious time and im so sorry of all gamers In World becuase i take time of DAVID CAGE.
  4. 21 viewed Topic and no one know anything at all?i mean no one! Edited------------------------- i'm so sorry,if i'm insulted to anyone with this post.
  5. Hi,i hope someone here help me to find right way. i want to become Game Programmer.I’m trying to learn C++ language from basic from this Book right now "C++ How to Program 8th Ed. Deitel".i had experience with other Language like Java,C#,VB and write a some program with C# but not expert on them.someone in this forum tell me better choice is Learning C++ so i try to learn. here is question: I just want to know what is best next step for someone like me after finish learning the basic of C++. I mean After Complete this book and had enough Knowledge About C++ Language which book or site or other thing you guys suggest for reach to my goal(Game Programming). Appreciate For Any Offer
  6. thanks guys i do something like this. [CODE] //Copmuter Guess My Number #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> #include <ctime> using namespace std; int main() { srand(static_cast<unsigned int>(time(0))); int yourNumber; int triess=0; int maxNumber=100; int minNumber=1; int cpuNumber; cout<<"Please Enter Your Number: "<<endl; cin>>yourNumber; do { cpuNumber=rand()%(maxNumber-minNumber)+minNumber; ++triess; cout<<"\nComputer Guess is: "; if (yourNumber>cpuNumber) { cout<<cpuNumber<<endl; minNumber=cpuNumber+1; } else if (yourNumber<cpuNumber) { cout<<cpuNumber<<endl; maxNumber=cpuNumber-1; } else if (yourNumber == cpuNumber) { cout<<"right number is "<<cpuNumber<<endl; cout<<"\nAfter "<<triess<<" Tries You success to reach my number"<<endl; } } while (yourNumber != cpuNumber ); return 0; } [/CODE]
  7. Hi everyone,im sorry if i created topic for something like this,but i can't solved the last exercise chapter 2 book Beginning C++ Through Game.i hope someone here can help me here it is: they want to switch Player by CPU.i mean player choose number and CPU take guess untile reach the answer.but i don't find way to do that.i start C++ new and i Can't do something like that.i really appreciated if someone help me here is Original one #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> #include <ctime> using namespace std; int main() { srand(static_cast<unsigned int>(time(0))); //seed random number generator int secretNumber = rand() % 100 + 1; // random number between 1 and 100 int tries = 0; int guess; cout << " Welcome to Guess My Number\n\n"; do { cout << "Enter a guess: "; cin >> guess; ++tries; if (guess > secretNumber) { cout << "Too high!\n\n"; } else if (guess < secretNumber) { cout << "Too low!\n\n"; } else { cout << "\nThat's it! You got it in " << tries << " guesses!\n"; } } while (guess != secretNumber); return 0; }
  8. thank u so much [url="http://www.gamedev.net/user/96293-tom-sloper/"][color="#284b72"]Tom Sloper[/color][/url][size="2"] [/size] [size="2"][color="#777777"]i read FAQ [/color][/size] [size="2"][color="#777777"]what do u think about this course and University[/color][/size] [url="http://www.limkokwing.net/malaysia/courses/bachelor_of_science_hons_in_games_technology/"][size="2"][color="#777777"]Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Games Technology[/color][/size][/url] i think is so better to get Degree and then enter to This indusrty but i try to find good universty but not in US.
  9. thanks for you answer but i dont see FAQ .can u give me link please. i saw a few topic about game programming in forum.
  10. hello everyone i read a lot of topic related to my issue. but none of them help me out so i decide to create new topic and i know all of u saw similar topic thousand time and sorry for that but i really hope someone here can help me to choose best path. let me tell a few thing about my self.im graduated from university with not good rank and not related to computer and game science at all. i have big problem in my life ,fortunately is solved and now i have full time. i'm a little old (i think ) 27.i had MCSE MCSA MCDBA MCTS from Microsoft. and my job right now is design network infrastructure but i Love Video Game. i played Game a lot. i Read Game A lot.i eat game a lot [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img].i love programming too. i programmed with Ruby with metasploit framework if u know about it and a little bit experience of C# and .net programming. unfortunately i lived in restricted country and low knowledge about game industry but im ready move to another country to learn and get experience in this field. anyway what do u think ,what am i doing? i have to go university again? which university better for me with my age issue and money too? can i enter to this industry without university degree? any academy or something like#Microsoft certificate# exist to help me ? at end sorry for bad english and beforhand thanks to anyone help me.