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  1. Okay so I'm making an XNA game for my senior project, and everything is going okay except for one little annoying thing. I'm using Blender to make the models and it works pretty good. But for the wall models I make, I have 4 faces on the front so i could tile the texture to make the bricks look a little smaller. When viewing from the front, everything looks fine, but when you look at it from the side, a fairly thick black seam appears. Front View: Side View: Wall With More Faces (Side View): Draw method (second part is drawing a bounding box when its selected): [source lang="csharp"]public void Draw() { if (!drawObject) return; // Copy any parent transforms Matrix[] transforms = new Matrix[Model.Bones.Count]; Model.CopyAbsoluteBoneTransformsTo(transforms); GameEngine.Graphics.DepthStencilState = DepthStencilState.Default; // Loop for each mesh in the model foreach (ModelMesh mesh in Model.Meshes) { foreach (BasicEffect effect in mesh.Effects) { effect.LightingEnabled = false; effect.World = transforms[mesh.ParentBone.Index] * World; effect.View = GameEngine.View; effect.Projection = GameEngine.Projection; } mesh.Draw(); } if (selected && hasBoundingBox) { GameEngine.Graphics.DepthStencilState = DepthStencilState.Default; effect.View = GameEngine.View; effect.Projection = GameEngine.Projection; effect.CurrentTechnique.Passes[0].Apply(); { GameEngine.Graphics.DrawUserPrimitives(PrimitiveType.LineList, vertexData, 0, 12); } } }[/source] Has anyone else run into this? Any ideas on how to fix this? Any help is much appreciated.
  2. Well I'm new here and I thought I would share my ideas and ask for yours. I got a group of 4 friends from my c++ class and we are going to make a game in XNA for our high school senior project. We plan to make the engine ourselves over the summer and design the game next year. I do understand it will be quite some work, but we are fairly experienced programmers. Our idea is to make a 1st person platformer (a to b type game) and have it be on windows and xbox... just wondering what you guys think about making a game engine, sharing the work evenly, past experiences, help with game ideas or anything else you might think will help, thanks!
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