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  1. Yeah the ball looks like a floating disc - at least make the shadow a projection of a sphere. Is that a cushion border, like on a pool / snooker table? If so, it needs to cast longer shadows on the table from the top & left walls. Maybe remove / lessen the opacity of the bottom / right wall shadows. In 2D a lot of fake depth can be achieved just with light / shadows. But the shadows must be consistent for the illusion to work.
  2. xbattlestation

    Original Doom 2D in 3D Art Style

    Billboard sprites - essentially each enemy / object (lets call them objects) would be a polygon that always faces the camera, and the texture would have to show the object from the best angle available. You'd have each object sprite sheets drawn for at least 4 angles - front + back + both sides. Even better would the quarters angles too - or even more, but then you've got to figure out if its worth even more angles vs the time / resources needed to create / store them. I'm not a unity guy, but there appears to be unity specific tutorials on how to do this.
  3. xbattlestation

    Day-night cycle colors

    Have a read of this thread
  4. xbattlestation

    Color interpolation between orange and blue

    Yeah you've pretty much got it. I find a solid blue for daytime doesn't quite look right - but it'll depend on the art style you want your game to have. Personally I think a blue fading to a very light blue on the horizon looks great. As for the general flow - yeah I think you have that right. Just remember from blue to orange via extremely light blue / white otherwise you'll get green (which just looks very unnatural in my eyes), and fade from orange to dark blue via purple for a dusky look. Again, depending on your art style, realistic sky colours are not necessarily as vivid as you'd think. Take some sunset photos from a google search, and run a colour picker tool on them - they aren't outright orange, but rather a washed out version. Clouds on the other hand tend to reflect very vivid colours. But half the fun is working this stuff out for yourself, and experimenting to find what works for you.
  5. xbattlestation

    Color interpolation between orange and blue

    I've spent a lot of time studying sunsets for this exact same reason. The end of the sunset is fine - you can fade from orange to purple to dark blue. The start of sunset can look odd though - fading from blue sky directly to yellow goes through an unnatural greenish colour. Try fading to a whitish colour first. This only applies to colours on the horizon - your upper sky colour can fade straight from blue (day) to black (night) over the entire sunset length.
  6. xbattlestation

    Ancient language - World map

    I don't think anyone's going to touch your question dude.  Without meaning to be rude - it sounds like you need to learn BASIC / AMOS yourself and then you'll be able to answer your own question.  Maybe start with a test program that shows a map that is just two screens big or something.   BTW it sounds like you need a tile map - dont store whole screens worth of background images.  Tiles (assuming you've got lots of repeating graphics) are much more efficient memory wise.  If AMOS is anything like STOS (Atari ST precursor to AMOS) then there should be lots of plugins that can handle this for you, if the language doesn't do it directly.
  7. You cant stop a determined hacker studying your client code.  If you are writing an MMO then you have a server on which you'll run private code.  You should then be able to check server-side whether any action taken by the client is legal, and action accordingly.
  8. Some programmers may only know how to program procedurally (as in just a bunch of functions of subroutines), and baulk at the amount of code they have to write to do something simple with OOP.  You have to be much more disciplined to write OOP (or it forces you to be), but there are massive advantages to it, which may not be obvious.   This is how I felt moving from non-OO basic to C++ years ago, no idea if it is still relevant today.
  9. xbattlestation

    How to figure out if something is in the area of a circle?

    RulerOfNothing's answer is correct, but I think (depending on your ability to interpret maths) it hides the simplicity of the answer.   Is a point within circle = is the distance from the centre of the circle to the point less than the circle's radius
  10. xbattlestation

    Terrain smoothing algorithm

    Increase the size of the box?  Sorry I don't know unity, but I'm pretty sure if you set each heightpoint to the height of the average in a large box instead of the average neighbour's height, then you should see a more dramatic effect?
  11. xbattlestation

    Why Java games do not need installation

    Just to be clear on this matter, a .Net / C++ game can be written for Windows that does not require any installation.  Of course the game will not run if the necessary version of .Net / redistributable is not installed, just like a java game will not run without the Java VM installed.   Installallers are only necessary if you want to go the extra mile & install the redistributable at the same time as your game, and also set up things like start menu integration, data folders etc also.
  12. xbattlestation

    Creating rivers and roads in a nearly infinite world

    You will have a hard time making good-looking rivers without being able to judge the height of the landscape at the x & y coord.  Rivers always take the lowest route downhill.  You'd have a odd landscape with rivers flowing up hill if you ignore what is at the x & y coord.
  13. xbattlestation

    Flight Simulator licensing?

    Patent #US13839823: Method and apparatus for absorbing oxygen into a biological life form for the purpose of metabolism from common air samples via cyclic respiration using a plurality of organic filters    Actually googled that... just to verify.  Wouldn't be suprised...
  14. xbattlestation

    Flight Simulator licensing?

    I've been battling with this very issue.  You've got to worry about these things:   - Usage of a manufacturers trademark - i.e. Vought, Grumman, North American etc.  This is not a good idea unless you have permission from the current holder of the trademark, and someone out there *does* still hold that trademark, no matter how old it is.   - Usage of a plane's name - i.e. Corsair: most American manufacturers have trademarked these, so again not a good idea.  I don't know if non-American companies have the same business-minded approach to trademarks of plane names, (or the same 'cut throat' tenacity to sue) e.g. British planes like the Spitfire - unsure how safe that is to use. - Usage of the plane's designation - i.e. F4U: this was owned by the military -> tax payer, and is therefore safe to use.  Sometimes, especially with British planes (again, Spitfire) the designation may not be well-known enough to use. - Usage of the plane's likeness - companies will tell you you cannot use their planes 'likeness' or image - i.e. anything that looks like the plane - bitmap, 3D model etc.  I've been told this would never hold up in a court, but it is still a risk.   My advice (and this is what I've been told by others who have published aviation related games) is to stop contacting companies, and only use the plane designations.     I have never heard of any non-US companies worry about this sort of thing.  In fact I have first hand experience that they are actually nice to deal with and accommodating / not interested in asking for money / suing you.  However I do not know about the big EU company (Airbus) that owns pretty much 95% of French / German manufacturers trademarks.  I have heard rumours that Russian manufacturers are carefree with this sort of thing.   This isn't legal advice, just what I have heard from others.  Maybe pay a lawyer to discuss these points.  Good luck!
  15. WTF?  Why would Washu edit that post to not make sense like that?    Original post:       Washu's edited post:    
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