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  1. Thank you very much for your reply, it is an N*N problem, it is not scalable so i think we have to modify the server structure, it will not re-stream to every client, it will create a message and send it to every user, this way the numer of sendTo calls(and bandwidth) will sacale more linearly and not exponentially, i think this will make the server much more responsive for 50k users , i am working on that idea now...
  2. Hi, I am new to gaming server development, i am currently starting a new server, my first one and a huge one I have allways programmed in C/C++, i come from embedded systems programming in pure C in the las year , now i have been told that developing that gaming server/framework will be much easier in C#, so I am in the way The gaming server goal is to be able to manage 50k clients using some normal hardware, core i7 4-8 cores, 12Gb of RAM ....etc... some good machine but not a NASA one I have made one layer that will accept and Log in gamers into the server using TCP, TCP will be used for login and some kind of ping with every user. This part seems to be working at the moment. I have a thread that is getting datagrams from udpInputSocket of the server, it will only take that datagrams from every user and delegate them to other stage that will process them in many stages/threads. Now what I am trying to do is just taking every datagram from every user (currently simulating 1k users) and then re-stream this packet to every user, the problem is that it is taking too long.... it is so so slow compared to the UDPReceiveThread..... The thing here is that the receive thread enqueues every message received and the "broadcaster" thread is taking every queued message and sending it to each of the 1k users, this seems a huge task as it is running so slowly, i just loop over every messange and the over ever client calling socket.SendTo(.........). The main question here is, am I doing it as it should be done? is it a matter of more "broadcaster threads" needed? or am I missing something like socket multicasting or broadcasting. I think I can´t broadcast or multicast becouse we are not aiming at LAN gaming rather than online internet gaming and i don´t know if in that scenario we can use that broadcast/multicast techniques. Any help or suggestions in my new challange?? Thank you very much to every body! PD: This would be the "broadcaster thread": [CODE] private void UDPBroadCastThread() { List<String> broadcastQueue = new List<string>(); ASCIIEncoding encoder = new ASCIIEncoding(); byte[] buffer; _udpSendSocket.SendTimeout = 1; //Miliseconds timeout while (true) { if (broadcastQueue.Count > 0) { for (int i = 0; i < broadcastQueue.Count; i++) // Loop through List of messages to broadcast { // Wait until it is safe to enter. _clientsListMutex.WaitOne(); for (int client = 0; client < _myClientsList.Count; client++) // Loop through every user { buffer = encoder.GetBytes(broadcastQueue[i]); int bytesSent = 0; bytesSent = _udpSendSocket.SendTo(buffer, broadcastQueue[i].Count(), 0, (EndPoint)_myClientsList[client]._clientUDPEndPoint); if (bytesSent != broadcastQueue[i].Count()) { Console.WriteLine("Error sending data: {0}", broadcastQueue[i]); } } // Release the Mutex. _clientsListMutex.ReleaseMutex(); } broadcastQueue.Clear(); } else { Thread.Sleep(10); // Wait until it is safe to enter. this._broadCastMutex.WaitOne(); broadcastQueue = (List<String>)this._newBroadcastQueue; this._newBroadcastQueue = new List<String>(); // Release the Mutex. _broadCastMutex.ReleaseMutex(); } } } [/CODE]
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