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    SWG - Abandon Ship!

    im not sure if this qualifies but the table top battle tech i loved the mech building system and the complexity and strategy that you could put into building a mech
  2. Recoilthreat

    A Nameless Dread - Naming a Character in an MMO

    now heres a idea what about morping the players name like the player would name there toon lets say undeadlord then you lore system would take that and convert the lettering in to a new language that fits the lore this keeps two things you have a name that fits the lore and the palyer also gets to choose there own name and can be identifyed as both so if the player has a firend thats looking for him/her they could look it up either way example toon name: player types in: undead toons lore name: nem?tvi and can be dispayed as both or players option just a idea to toss out there
  3. Point one. Currently there are very few games that can push the 360 and ps3 which is why we haven’t had a "new" major console officially announced for quite a few years now Point two. due the releases of major engines (such as udk and cry engine) making a sandbox game with high graphics with out "knowing" code is much more common and encourages people to design what they imagine now I’m not saying that learning coding languages isn't necessary because it is at least at a basic level to effectively communicate you ideas to you team but so is art, graphics, cinema, and writing these all are just as important to know as well and I feel like most people down play them to that I say who is anyone to say what we dream, imagine, or design too big or to unrealistic to even try to accomplish just because they don’t know how to code or they have never made a game that’s why we are here to help people in understanding what it take and is needed to make a game and for them to find the people or information they need to make what they want come to life I will however agree on two things 1. No one but you is ever going to make your game come to life even if you sell it to someone else it will not be yours and it will never be what you first dreamed of 2. Knloage is key at lease at a basic level of all parts of this industry but it is also key to know the people who can help you if you don’t know how to code, draw, write, design, or create read. learn and try so you can understand it at a basic level and then find the person who knows it better this makes communicating you game to them much easer
  4. Recoilthreat

    Hybrid Game Design UPDATED: Now with Mock-ups.

    looks like you have a great set up so far
  5. so from what your telling me im getting the picture of a game called "shenmue" i look forward to the pic your going to post
  6. so what type of game rpg ? what are to over all goals for the player ? i understand the enviroment your setting but not the over all game though it dose sound interesting please elaborate
  7. thats where the level system could be used for the gm players the higher the gm level the more power he/she would have to set up a campain so the people who would abuse wouldnt get very far if they got a bad rep for the campains they run for example a lvl 2 gm would have very limited power to use against other players and it would be obvious to the players so they quit the campain and the gm would no xp for the whole setting they set up that alone would be enough to deture most people to do such things
  8. Recoilthreat

    Protecting IP when you pitch

    thanks for the link theres alot of great info there. and thanks for answering my question
  9. Recoilthreat

    Tentacle madness!11!eleven

    the game was fun and simple the are was nicely done for just a small scale game my only question is why did things other that the hull fo the ship have hp?
  10. Recoilthreat

    Whats a good game to start with

    You misunderstand the current situation. There are many games written in Java, Minecraft is one recent example. And let's not forget that Android is Java based; hundreds of thousands of Android games tend to be a counterexample to your claim. Java is alive and well. If you don't get a job as a game programmer you can still get a job in an enterprise work environment where Java is very strong. [/quote] i aplogize i guess i was misinformed thanks for clearing it up for me
  11. Recoilthreat

    How to reinvigorate a team?

    on another note if you are able to get the agreement seeing how you teams local is around the globe and not in a office it’s going to be hard to get team moral up unless you 1. Can get all people in on the project together (Skype, vent, team speak) and have a group sit down and recollaborate the project to get everyone excited and a vested interest again. 2. Find the most influential person on the team (the social butterfly of your team) and sit and talk about the project in every positive way you can get excited about it from there he should go and spread the word and it should get moral up again although that is the slow way. 3. show and tell- have all the members of your team show what they have been doing and have them explain what and why praise for high level progress or effort this will appeal to peoples competitive side but on a caution note if not handled right it could also blow up really really badly so handle it with care the mini version of this would be having them post their work for the team to follow ( website, YouTube, wiki) it’s a more passive way to do it but it’s really effective to have that way everyone can follow and start seeing the whole picture instead of just there part
  12. Recoilthreat

    Stacked spaceships and shields

    off the top of my head turn the shield value in to percentages example enemy ship has 100 hp and 100% shields you fire for 50 damage enemy ship now has 100 hp and 50% shields you fire again for 50 enemy ship now has 75 life and 0% shields ect.. have the shields have a time regeneration period where so much of the percentage comes back ( which also opens a feature for customizing ships if you wanted)
  13. Recoilthreat

    Protecting IP when you pitch

    so out of question would a standard non disclosure form not work and if not why?
  14. Recoilthreat

    A Nameless Dread - Naming a Character in an MMO

    My feeling towards names in any type of game is depending on what type of game it is. Doing some observation on different games fps vs. RPG or rts most people will try to make names that are relevant to the lore in rpgs where as in fps they will choose a name that will make them stand out when they make a kill or an intimidating name in rts. So in the case of having a game where the player gets added into the lore and if it is know ahead of time you’re going to have a fair amount of players that will make a name to fit the lore but for the other side you will have trolls trying to rip people out of the lore With that in mind I would say a good set of rules would be aimed at charters. Lettering and numbering in any consecutive manner and no special char like !@@#$+_() and as servant of the lord had mentioned above with the capitals. Pretty much looking at what most griefers put as names you can limit right off the bat. Past that have the names show up in lore would be the best way for any moderator to black list them.
  15. From what I understand from you idea is that you have a player that is a dm and then other players are the char in his/her campaign? if so I believe vampire the masquerade the old java based game had something similar for online/lan play also never winter nights also has that set up where someone crates a game and its set up and has players go thru and play it the two ways I can see rewarding the gm is a players rating of set campaign or a set time to death ratio the longer the players services the more xp the gm would get though bout could be abused On the other end the reward for gm player could be access to more resources, higher level dev (where higher level char can play) and of course reputation that’s what I would think off the top of my head side noite from what i have been reading for the neverwinter night online i belive there are adding something along that line as well
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