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  1. Just plain dumb I guess, assuming things and judging without knowing a single fact. Absolutely, but it's not the case, I'm not planning to release any game, just curious how things work in this world. Ok but "ABC Fireworks" is more like an specific name, the "ABC" part makes it so, right? Remove that and just leave "Fireworks", that would be the kind of name I was referring to. Can you even trademark that? I remember Blu-ray developers naming it that way because "blue" wouldn't allow them to own the name.
  2. Are you a troll or something?
  3. A few examples: Rome The Survivor World War 2 I mean, I'm sure there is already a game for each one of those names, but I don't think they can be copyrighted, can they? Would it be safe to use something like that?
  4. I know this has been asked a million times already but things change pretty fast. I want to code a 2D isometric RTS using C++, currently considering Oxygine and Torque, any word about these? Something else you guys would suggest? Thanks in advance.
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