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  1. SFML or Slick 2D

    Thanks for the input guys, I will defiantly take it into consideration.
  2. Tools for Java game development?

    I've had some success with Slick2D in the past (assuming you game is 2D). There is a tutorial series on youtube for it [url=""][/url]. I haven't watched it myself but have watched some of the other videos by the same guy and he's pretty good. If you're making a rpg you'll probably want to include a scripting engine. LUA or python are probably the best.
  3. SFML or Slick 2D

    In years past I've tried to make games a few times. Each time I've had limited success. However I've been programming for a good three years and now that I've learned to program, I've decided it's time for me to make a serious attempt at making a game. As far as the game I'm planning to make. As a kid, one of my favorite games what BoxHead 2 Player. It was a top-down isometric flashgame in which a player (or two) would run around shooting zombies with various guns and explosives. Me and me friends spent hours playing this. [url=""]Here[/url] is a link to the flash game if your would like to see it. The game is not two complex, I definitely don't want to have to deal with 3D or OpenGL so I think that for a 2D sprite based game like this Slick2D or SFML would work just fine. And although java is not the best for games, it would be able to handle something as light as this quite easily. I do most of my work in Java, yet while I do not have the same mastery of C/C++, I am not unfamiliar with it. My hope is to become a game developer and I know that most commercial game are written in C/C++. My question is should I use Java/Slick2D which I am more familiar but will not prepare me as well for the future or should I use C/C++/SFML(or SDL?) which I do not know too well, but will need more in the coming years. If anyone has any insight, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!