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  1. .XNA design Question

    Hi, I have to admit i'm very new to programming and i'm really only in the design phase of creating my game. So heres my question: In the final game (top down roguelike shooter) i'm going to have a few different characters you can start out as. Each character will have a different weapon type, different movespeed, different texture, animation, etc. Also i'm planning on having each character's main weapon be somewhat customizable. In order to code this would it be easier to create a seperate class for each character with methods for moving, collision detection, firing, etc. Or should i have a main player class with methods that call each character class. I guess while i'm writing this it does sound better to go with the second option, but i'm having trouble deciding what i would need to do in the player class and what would definately need to be done in the character class. Any help at all would be great.