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  1. Gamemaker,RPGmaker, etc.

    I heard next  version of Unity 3d will have 2D support! think about it.
  2. how to mod a game?

    Hello, i was wondering how to mod a game so i searched in google but I don't found anything usefull or related to my question, well I am here hoping you guys could help me enlighten, what I have to do?
  3. ASCII game in XNA?

      Thanks, I will practise with that technique and I discovered a usefull program for paint in ASCII:
  4. ASCII game in XNA?

    I want to make a little game in XNA like Dwarf Fortress but I don't know anything about how to draw ASCII graphics, should I use array and text import file, or it's better make ASCII with a drawing software and use png file in XNA?.  
  5. [quote name='Serapth' timestamp='1346620253' post='4975828'] [url=""][/url] That's probably about as good as it gets, although there are a couple reasonably good books if you are willing to spend money. Start with KA though, it may be more than enough. [/quote] Thanks, that's a fantastic web page for learn math(and much more), I will start with algebra xD
  6. I want to learn from the beginning, I am not bad, but I forgot things. Where should I start? any web page?.
  7. I know XNA and C# but I am noob(need more exp [img][/img] and more practice) and I want to make some simple games, you guys could recommend me a website or program for game organization? I want to manage a game whit flowcharts or diagrams every aspect of a game(gameplay, art/desing, marketing, game flow, general concept, technical aspects, ideas, etc...) I think game organization is very helpfull, usefull, important xD and need to be practiced too, I don't want to have everything in my mind because I can't keep all things/ideas xD. Please, recommend me an usefull and easy tool for this!.