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  1. Ahh, Lots of posts i need to catch up on.

    Thank you all for the feedback and i understand you are not trying to derail what i wish to do in life, and i understand very well that many of you are pointing to the lack of programming skills, However if i can write a solid story and a solid design then that's something at least i will have put some kind of effort into making the game even without coding experience, and i can always pick up a few books and read through them to get a basic under-standing or i can get some E-books and read them to get a basic understanding.

    I have one idea about how to get developers to help me or animation specialists to help me, and i understand my Game will probably turn out differently than what i expect or what i see or vision in my mind, and i also understand some things will just not be possible, but things can be changed and edited in the GDD, the people who will help me will have just as much say as i do, it will be a collaborative effort not just mine.

    That said, as many are stating i think it would be a good idea if i picked up some books to help me learn the basics of programming, that would be a step in the right direction i feel.

  2. I really don't think you need to go into detail on how the SFX volume control works... You really don't have to explain the most basic of functions. "start game would start the game". Is this the captain obvious version of a GDD? I think you're missing the point of why a GDD is written.

    I also think you need to learn another skill that can be helpful in game development. To me it just sounds like you don't want to put in the hard work required to learn programming and you just want to be the idea guy that everyone works for. You even stated yourself that you need a bunch of money to pay people because really, that's the only way an idea guy with no experience can exist.

    I'm not saying you don't have a chance at getting funded or something... but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

    I will be designing and writing the entire story for the Game, so not just the guy who designs and employs people, i will also write the story.

    As i said, i will be completely descriptive with my GDD to the point of been captain obvious just to hammer home what i want, then when someone reads it or something i can expect them to fully understand what i am wanting, Also they will create there own aspects as well as mine, i would allow people to change or add things if they are better or ideas are better than mine, this would be a Team-Effort not a My design so do it like this now.

    Also, Money is my main issue, because at the moment i can not go out and hire 15 or so Animators and Developers at 60K+ a year to help me, but i have other ideas also i am putting in hard work at the moment, it's very frustrating thinking you have something 100% and then realising you need to change something or start afresh.

    But i thank you for the feed-back smile.png

    Edit, according to Wikipedia


    A game design document may be made of text, images, diagrams, [/font]concept art[color=#000000][font=sans-serif]

    , or any applicable media to better illustrate design decisions. Some design documents may include functional [/font]prototypes[color=#000000][font=sans-serif]

    or a chosen [/font]game engine[color=#000000][font=sans-serif]

    for some sections of the game.[/font]

    Although considered a requirement by many companies, a GDD has no set industry standard form. For example, developers may choose to keep the document as a [/font]word processed document[color=#000000][font=sans-serif]

    , or as an on-line [/font]collaboration tool[color=#000000][font=sans-serif]


  3. So, you know how to write a professional GDD? As in, professional? There is a difference between a GDD and an idea.

    Yes, i can write a GDD i will put all the details into the GDD and i will explain it as-if i am explaining it to a developer so they understand it better with percentages and other things smile.png

    Another snipped of information from my GDD

    SFX Volume, This would turn the sound effects down or up, this will start at a base of 50% and can be turned down to 0 which would be no sound at all and all the way up to 100% with 100% been the loudest it can go, as with the sensitivity if you drop it by 10% below 50% each time you drop it down it will get quieter if you slide it above 50% each time you go 10% higher after 50% it would get louder[/quote]

    This is how i am writing in my GDD, there will also be concept Art within there to help facilitate what i write.

    Edit, here is what my GDD look's like, Terrible cropping skills, Clicky here

  4. [quote name='Authentic92' timestamp='1339438836' post='4948235']
    Dan Houser and Sam Houser who have created the story and feel for the last 4 or so Games i believe cannot code

    1. Why do you believe they cannot code?
    2. How is writing the story and feel alone enough to make a video game?
    3. Do you think started with only an idea and some how managed to get others to fund and do all the tough work for them? Perhaps they worked their way up?

    Quick update: http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Sam_Houser says "He is responsible for taking GTA into the 3D-environment era, creating realistic cities under fully 3D-engines". Working on 3D-engines sound like coding to me.

    What they are doing is very different from what you are trying to do. David Jones and Sam Houser are probably experienced coders with multiple titles under their belt, when they made GTA. Very different from someone with just ideas and no programming skills.

    Also, i could try going to university and asking them if they have people who wish to create a game with myself that way it would reduce the costs i would incur initially and it would give them something to put on there CV when they left and or if they stayed on my team if the game was successful.

    This is another reason why indie developers need to know some coding: you can start the project yourself. Once you have a prototype or tech demo, it is easier to convince others that you are serious.

    Also, from personal experience, there might be enthusiastic sounding people who offer to work for free or for their CV, but these people will often just disappear on you. Another reason why its good to know how to code: that way you can take over the code and/or continue the project yourself while waiting for future help to come.

    Thank you for the feedback i appreciate it

    You are welcome. Good luck with this project. Hope to see your game one day. smile.png

    Thank you for this i understand this is not negative but constructive so thank you.

    1, i did not believe they could, but if they can fair play to them i bet they worked hard for it smile.png
    2, I will design the Game and i will write the story, but i would have to employ animators and developers to do this part for me.

    [color=#000000][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,]I will be Writing the Design content for the entire Game from tomorrow and untill i feel ready to release the information to any developer, at the current time My 2 friends who can draw and who will help me with concept art will draw what i need and if needs be they will happily help me with the Graphics to put into an actual Game. But again i would need an animator to put what's on paper into a Model engine into a game[/font]

    [color=#000000][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,][background=rgb(238, 238, 238)]I will write the design in a document file detailing every fine aspect of every option, an example of this is the following, please bare in mind this is an extremely small snipped of information, this is just so you can grasp on the idea of what i will be writing and tuning it to as much detail as possible. [/background][/font]

    Start game - This would start the game, the game would show a loading icon while remaining on the main Menu, upon the game loading it would launch the intro I will describe the intro in another section.
    Load game- This would allow you to load any previous saved games and or the last auto save that was made. When selecting which save you would like it would display a “Loading Saved Game” message to let the Player know what the game is doing. This screen would be blacked out if this is the first time launching the game as there would be no saved game data to load from.

    Obviously, this has the Header of "Main Menu" and it linked from the Table of contents for ease of navigation within the documentation. I will design the game, write it all down and then i will put the concept art in and see how it looks, i will then begin to write the story, i do not plan to rush this and i fully expect it to take many months before i feel anywhere need ready to release it to anyone.

    Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it.

    Edit, sorry i promised some concept art today but i have been very busy planning and summarizing as you can see xD

  5. Dan Houser and Sam Houser who have created the story and feel for the last 4 or so Games i believe cannot code, they just write the game and setting and the animators developers do the work, but again the problem is them developers probably get paid alot of money for doing that work, unfortunately i am not in a position to do that, so as many said i think i will come up with alot of concept art and other works and go see publishers to see if they want to fund my game, unless i get lucky and win the lottery :o

    Also, i could try going to university and asking them if they have people who wish to create a game with myself that way it would reduce the costs i would incur initially and it would give them something to put on there CV when they left and or if they stayed on my team if the game was successful.

    Thank you for the feedback i appreciate it

  6. Hi all, thank you for the feed-back, The art the game would ship with on the title, would be the first scene in the game as many start with a small intro, and the game would ship with the box art i described but that would be the beginning of the game also

    I have been in touch with various company's and as you said, they prefer to see something rarther than a description of something, so that's my plan to send a sample of my work and if they are interested i will send the rest, the reason i am hesitant to release more information is because the game is not copy righted, so all my ideas are free to be taken by a major developer should they catch wind of it.

    On the coding aspect of the game, Think Grand Theft Auto, the writers of that game i don't believe can code, they just created the story and created the concept and look at them now, multi millionaires, unless i have that wrong and they can code.

    I have just woke up and it's 2:48PM, i was up writing last night and other things so ill get this concept art up as soon as possible guys.

    Thank you for the positive feedback and help, i greatly appreciate your help.

    Edit, still working on the picture i have a friend drawing it for me so when i feel it's ready i will put up the picture :)

  7. Hmm, the type of game think Grand Theft auto / Saints row, Them type of free roam games but not that style as i said i want my game to represent real emotion and real feelings things that happen everyday or the everyday struggles people face, and unfortunately i do not wish to go into details about the goals for the characters or any other plot lines or characters within the game, However im really glad you're interested and showing enthusiasm. I will be uploading a drawing tomorrow of the Cover the game would ship with, but it will be a quick sketch to give you an idea.

  8. A little bit about me

    [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][color=#2A2A2A]First thing's first, Let me start by introducing myself as you can see im new around here and this will be my first post, and i hope it does not hit you like a wall of text, that is not the what i am going for, My name is John im 20year's old and i live in Bradford ( England ) I have wanted to create a game since when i was a youngster, the earliest memory i have of this burning passion was when i was about 4year's old and i was thinking "Man, if i made a game i would have sand bags that made it so you did not take damage and then you could throw them at people or peek around the corner to shoot them" That is the earliest memory i have of wanting to, I setup my first business when i was 19 Year's old and that business is still running today, but that's not who i am or what i want to do there are 3 Directors of that Company and i am one of them, but i know this is what i want to do with my life and starting somewhere is better than never starting at all.[/font]

    The game i wish to create
    I wish to push the boundaries within my game i want people to sit there in awe and sometimes wonder how the hell we managed to get away with putting certain things into a game and then releasing it, i want my game to represent real life emotions and struggles not meaning to end up been bad but been driven to it, The Image of the title would be like this, The Camera would be looking at the Main character the Gamer plays and the surroundings Like if you are sat at home watching the TV on a wall across from you but at an angle, it would be a street with an ally to the far left side of the camera, in this ally you would see a man with a gun and a women on her knees, a speech bubble over the Main characters head saying "This is the world we live in" the image would be in black and white, The Image on the title is quite controversial as you can see but with it dimmed in black and white i believe it would create a more real effect than it would with it been in colour.

    Of course, i have full scenes that i have thought of, the next seen i have already got planned, i get inspiration every day from looking at my surroundings and i jot them down and peoples experiences and my own experiences further my thought process and further my understanding of certain situations i want to make Real situations within the game that are not normally in games we play anyone can make a shooter or a kill this guy kill that guy but i want to make something more than that. People ask me "You need to know how to Code to do this Job" I disagree it would help sure but it maybe gives someone else a chance who can code to replace what would be me coding, pulling them out of a slump or giving them a full-time Job, or something to do while they are not so busy. I have ideas about what would go on around the Game world, not just the Main characters story but the surroundings would progress and things would happen that was random within the game, but i will save those details for another post.

    Programs im thinking about using
    I am thinking about using Euphoria
    Also interested in 3DS Max for the animation aspects or the Models to be drawn into there and imported into the game

    If anyone else knows of any good programs out there then please list them as all ideas and help is welcomed and encouraged.

    Platforms for the game
    Im thinking about Making this Game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Im undecided about the PC at the moment, i can push the Graphics and make the game look absolutely suburb on a PC, but again i myself always find myself playing Sand box games on my Xbox 360 and PS3, But you can make the world look lush and have everything detailed beautifully on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but you would have to ship the game with multiple disks the other alternative would be to have a standard download when first launching the game, these are some of the ideas i have had.

    What about Costs?
    To be honest, this is the only thing stopping me doing anything, i have the systems to do the work but i do not have the money to pay Developers/Animation artists/sound engineers and i can not ask them if they want a % of a company that has not been created yet you may fall back on my Original Company, but i want this to be fresh, no ties, no hook ups, Like the gaming company's of Today they was started in a house or a dorm, with nothing more than 3 or 4 people coming up with ideas and then creating the ideas. I have friends who would do Voice work for me, but as i said i can have everything in the world but without the correct people who can Develop/animate/draw and have a valuable interest in a vision like i do, then i can not do anything, unless i get lucky and a big Publisher sponsors my game, but i believe that would be like finding a needle in a hay stack, but you never know i might get lucky.

    Why are you posting this here
    Well, what i am looking for is Feedback, Insight and maybe even a little interest, This after all is The gaming universe of Coding/developing designing. If you wish to help me then i would appreciate that beyond belief, if you wish to give criticism then that's fine too as everything needs to be looked at, if you wish to get in touch with me Please add me on skype - de.bug1

    Thank you for Reading my post, and thank you for taking and interest or providing me feedback, i appreciate it. Thank you again


    Edit, I will upload some concept pictures tomorrow so you can get a better understanding of how the Front of the Game cover would look.

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