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  1. Hi I just bough a few Java and C# books and I wanted to know which to choose between C# and Java today in 2013 ??? I'll be employed doing what mostly as a java dev backend server ? what about C# rich client and asp.net website ? I talked with a few experienced programmers and they seem to be split on that they tell me C# is more modern and faster but they think it may die soon if .Net and MS doesn't get their act together in mobile compared to Java who run everywhere and it's more used all around in business with Oracle and all etc but lack the UI of rich client and power of a Visual Studio behind it etc but with the rise of Mobile and Android they think Java could be safer in the long term like the next 10-20 years etc What do you recommend me plz ? I am a network engineer on MS technology, active directory, exhange, dns dhcp and all that and I did some C++ back in the past I remember the concept a little like pointer and class object and all etc So far I seem to have a personal favorite with C# because of Ui and windows form etc but jobs wize here in ottawa,toronto montreal there is like 3 java jobs for each C# jobs etc last thing I've been told Web dev in Java with springs/hibernate and jsf and applets is hard and heavy compared to ruby or c# because there is a tons of framework to choose from... What you guys recommend me and why ?? thank you very much for your time Patrick
  2. I want to learn C# or Java or Objective-C... I want to know what's the strenght and weakness of each platforms like J2EE and .Net Framework and which one is safer long term in the future... here near Toronto, Montreal etc there is like 6 Java jobs for each C# jobs... First of all I've been advised by some experienced programmers that Java is safer because it's more cross platform and the android mobile market as to be considered and that jvm languages are winning in the cloud... he told me too there is a lot of Java code out there to maintain... another told me that I should learn C# instead because a lot of corporation prefer to use Asp.Net for web dev instead of Java and because I have a good background already in System Admins & Networkings stuffs like Windows Server, Active Directory, Dns, Dhcp, Sharepoint, Exhange etc so C# would do wonders in that microsoft world for me, but again another said too Java is big on Back-End server stuffs running linux etc Secondly, one of them told me the IOS market was rising really fast and dominating and I should study Objective-C because it's getting in demands and mobile dev is the future... he said Android was fragmented a lot and slow compared to Native Apps and that Windows 8 could flop or not be able to catch up to Android & IOS so .Net could be going away slowly because Html5/Javascript apps with C++ native apps will eat alive .Net managed apps on mobile performance wize....he think xaml could be replaced by Html5 too and silverlight future doesn't look very good now... So now I need expert advices on which to choose because I seriously plan to do a full time study of 1 of them 10-15hr's a day for the next 10months I have all my time but I don't want to waste it I am really serious... it would sucks to study very hard technologies like WPF,XAML, .Net framework who could be replaced by all the mobile dev if the desktop dev die off etc Thank you very much for your time and please don't be shy to go deep in your answers I really need it Tyffa
  3. I want to start back programming again, study hard and get a job later on I am really serious about this and I have all my time for the next year, I may study 10hr's -15hr's a day etc ( am not joking ) I already did some C++ 10 year's ago as a hobby and I remember most of the concept like pointers and others memory stuff's etc here is my question please help me... Should I learn Java or C# today in 2012 ?? I need advices because I talked with some experienced programmers and some told me to go with C# others with Java because it's "safer" in the long run because it support android dev. bigger on mobile and more cross platform ... they told me .Net is at a crossroads with Windows 8 releasing soon with Metro Apps dev. who can be created with many languages C++ C# etc but if you want just html5 and javascript etc they said too that xaml could die because that markup could be replaced by Html5 ... some others told me to go to C# because I have a good networking and system admin. knowledge ( domains, dns, dhcp, active directory, exchange, sharepoint etc ) so they said that C# is a better fit because everything will work together better and I'll be more marketable... but in a way I'll also be "lock-in" with 1 vendor only Microsoft etc and since they aren't big on Mobile yet they worry .... most of them told me mono was great but not a real alternative to java on mobile and cross platform so I need advices Thank you very much don't be affraid to go deep in your answers I need it Tyffa
  4. Kaven Marenger

    Java or C# career and future of programming

    yeah but what if windows is going away ?? google is activating millions of android devices and apple is selling so much ios devices they say they sold more than pc etc what if that trend continue for the next 5-10 years... peoples seem to prefer mobile over a desktop and since mostly 80% of the peoples out there doesn't need the full power of a high end desktop where are we going ??
  5. Kaven Marenger

    Java or C# career and future of programming

    Richard Cesar : are you saying that .Net is on it's way out with Html5 and Javascript being the future of windows development for UI in Windows 8 metro ??? Lot's of peoples told me that WebGL may not be 100% supported in IE10 and that you won't have 100% access to the .Net framework as it is to develop Metro apps only but you will be ok for desktop apps, I think they limit you somehow for the Windows Store ( am not 100% sure about this ) a good Java programmer told me that Java was the way to go for backend stuff's on server because jvm based languages may dominates on the cloud while running on free linux vm's, and that .Net as the edge on everything front end but that both languages could do mostly all the same things. I've been advised to learn .Net because I already have MS expertise with Active Directory domains and all the rest of the MS networkings stuffs he said to me I'll be able to build great program and combine them with Powershell who could give me a edge on the job market but on the other side the experienced Java programmer told me Java as the edge on Mobile because Microsoft isn't in the game yet againt apple/android ... but what worry me about Java is desktop apps development .Net is stronger there and it seem that most big companies stick with Asp.Net and MVC 3 for the big web project so it seem pretty safe in the distant future But what about Mobile ?? and will Metro really succeed and be a game changer ??
  6. Kaven Marenger

    Java or C# career and future of programming

    so you recommend me to stick with .Net because of my expertise with Microsoft Networking already ?? it will work better together as a whole and I'll be more marketable at more places that's what you say ?? that's what I think too but look at what the author Harvey Deitel told me about Java and C# in a email : "" C# and Java have similar capabilities. Most professionals would say that they're almost equivalent in expressive power. I wouldn't say that you can do exactly the same things in each language, but their capabilities are very close. Again, once you master one of these languages, you'll be able to master the other easily, but it will still take time. "" What he mean in almost equivalent in expressive power but he wouldn't say you can do exactly the same things in each language etc he mean desktop apps and windows dev is better off with .net and all the server back end stuffs is better off with Java for the open source technology like hibernate springs etc ??? thanks a lot for the important replies
  7. Kaven Marenger

    Java or C# career and future of programming

    dilyan_rusev : so if I have a good understanding of active directory domains and dns,dhcp, exchange, sharepoint and all the microsoft networkings and system administrators stuffs it would be better off for me to learn C# to complement that ??? I'll be more marketable in a way than Java no ? since it all goes together and I'll be able to build desktop/metro apps that goes with the system admins and network stuffs ??? but Java goes very well with Linux and all the open source stacks of networking too like oracle ibm etc What do you think ? thanks for everything again please go on if you want
  8. Kaven Marenger

    Java or C# career and future of programming

    Yeah but the thing with Java that worry me is the lack of UI and windows support I mean you can do mostly everything C# can do and all that with springs and the others librairies but it seem C# is just better for UI/desktop apps on windows and Visual Studio is just night and days ahead of Eclipse and Netbeans from what I heard is that true ??? the other thing is with Java I will be coding/maintaining mostly what ? backend server code ?? I heard Java isn't used much for desktop apps and more for legacy theses days but what interest me a lot is it's potential with android and the cross platform any great books you guys recommend to start learning C# 4.0 ???
  9. Hi what's the best way to prepare for WinRT and the future of windows development ?? Which main language should I start learning today C#, Java, Html5 ? I want to get back into programming I did a little C++ 12 years ago I remember my concept and some pointers arithmetic etc but here is the thing... I contacted a few authors (like 10) of some of the main programming books right now and some told me .Net is on it's way out because of Metro in general and the raise of mobile with ios and android... they told me xaml is gonna die and be replaced by Html5 and C++ is gonna be king on Metro with Javascript ... I don't know what to think anymore I wanted to learn C# but now am not sure if I shouldn't choose Java instead... most of them think Java future isn't sure because of oracle and C# is superior as a language... they think windows forms is gonna be replaced by wpf and asp.net mvc is the future What's the best language to learn today ??? Is learning C# a waste of time or a mistake ?? thanks a lot am lost because they contradict each others a lot, it's true the industry is going mobile but don't you guys agree that windows isn't going anywhere in the next 10 years ??
  10. Is it a mistake to learn C# 2.0 before C# 4.0 ? I am asking this because I have a few C# books and I prefer to start with the way they teach it in Visual C# How to Program 2005 from Deitel Deitel the way they explains everything... I have others books like Beginning Visual C# 2010 from Wrox and Pro C# Apress... So is it a mistake will I miss the new features or learn bad habits ??? stuffs like : .Implicitly Typed Local Variables and Arrays .Object Initializers .Collection Initializers .Extension Methods .Anonymous Types .Lambda Expressions .Query Keywords .Auto-Implemented Properties .Partial Method Definitions .Named and Optional Parameters .Dynamic Support .Variance .COM Interop etc Also some advanced programmers told me I didn't want to be a .Net programmer today because of windows 8 is coming with the Metro apps sdk who changes everything with xaml, html5 and all that etc they told me to go study at dev.windows.com instead because they believe .Net is going away with time is that true ?? thank you very much
  11. Kaven Marenger

    C# need expert advices

    only thing I want to know is, is it a mistake that I start learning C# with this book who cover C# 2.0 : http://www.amazon.com/Visual-2005-How-Program-Edition/dp/0131525239/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1342832313&sr=8-4&keywords=visual+c%23+how+to+program+2005 like the first 10-12 chapters methods, array etc (the beginning) and then I jump to this book : http://www.amazon.com/Programmers-Edition-Deitel-Developer-Series/dp/0132618206/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1342832411&sr=8-10&keywords=visual+c%23+2010 I have this wrox book too but I wonder if he's as good as the deitel book it seem like he doesn't explains the stuffs as clearly http://www.amazon.com/Beginning-Visual-2010-Wrox-Programmer/dp/0470502266/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1342832470&sr=8-3&keywords=visual+c%23+2010
  12. What's the future of C# and .Net framework with the revolution of tablet IOS and Android devices that use objective-c and java... what's the future of windows programming is it still a good choice for example to start learning C# today and hope to have a good career in programming with it ?? Kaven
  13. Is it possible to run big game servers like World of Warcraft in the Cloud like Amazon or Windows Azure? Let's say tomorrow morning I start a game company, is it possible for me the entrepreneur to have all my big IT infrastructure who run the game like the game server (the realms players log on to play on) in the cloud? And all the others services servers too for the business in the cloud? Except the workstation the artist and programmer work on day to day in the business... For example there is like 100 servers called realms in Warcraft (or Rift or Star Wars) that players log on to play in north America, could they be all virtualized in 100 virtual machines running windows server 2008 r2 or linux in windows azure or Amazon Cloud services ???? Since once the game is installed locally and players play there is no super big bandwidth consumption could it work? Would it require huge sql database or intense system resource for windows azure to track everything out? Let's say it cost even 100 000$ a month on windows azure, it's still cheaper than building and running your own 100 small personal server yourself no? I played with some of the pricing on windows azure and it goes as high as 10 000$ didn't try all the scenarios. Thanks a lot I would love a in deep answer and advices thank you very much everyone. Kaven
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