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  1. RT @sPaNkGrRrL: The @steam_games page for @WorldsAdrift is now live! Woohoo! The game will arrive in 2016. GET READY! http://t.co/Wdk39BRRt3
  2. iLoveGameProgramming

    Unity Singleton and template Error (C++)

      Thank you, this makes much more sense now. I swear I had it in one place at one point, but I was getting other errors and thought it was because of that. Just changed it to one file and it's all working now. It's my first time using templates by the way, trying to learn more C++.  Thank you.
  3. Hello, First of all thank you for taking time to help. I recently started playing around with templates and singletons. I'm trying to make something like Unity's Debug.Log but in C++. Starting with simple things like cout. Unfortunately I got stuck and with all the googling I can't seem to find how to solve this issue without not making class singleton. Maybe there is better way of doing this?   //Console.h #pragma once #include <iostream> class Console { private: Console() {} ~Console() {} public: static Console& instance() { static Console INSTANCE; return INSTANCE; } template <class T> void Print(T arg); }; //Console.cpp #include "Console.h" template <class T> void Console::Print(T arg) { std::cout << arg.c_str() << std::endl; } //main.cpp #include "Console.h" int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { Console::instance().Print(5); return 0; } The error is: Error 1 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall Console::Print<int>(int)" (??$Print@H@Console@@QAEXH@Z) referenced in function _main E:\WORK\InLine2D\InLine2D\InLine2D\main.obj InLine2D Error 2 error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals E:\WORK\InLine2D\InLine2D\Debug\InLine2D.exe 1 1 InLine2D  
  4. SledgeRift 1.14 Trailer - Oculus Rift Demo Game I've made: http://t.co/pmvkxGmVVw via @youtube
  5. RT @KingstonSEC: Congratulations to all the newly recruited SEC Student Specialists. You can see them around on open days! http://t.co/xphf…
  6. RT @IndieSpotted: Sneak past enemies and solve puzzles in the survival horror Aversion http://t.co/aqh13Cuzb5
  7. Officially a masters student from now on :)
  8. Finally gave in and started watching breaking bad, it's epic so far.
  9. I like the idea of this game, pretty original. Against the Wall - Alpha Trailer: http://t.co/wS8u4WUkbE via @youtube
  10. Tonight going to be adding GLSL to the Inline2D :D Shaders for the win!
  11. Half Life 3 Release Date CONFIRMED! Wait a minute... #Valve http://t.co/TTaKOBrXCd
  12. iLoveGameProgramming

    Flash or Game Maker? Starting point to game development

    I never used Game Maker, but I think flash would be good starting point. You can do some action script and get used to coding.   On other hand if you seriously want to get into game industry and professional game development. Learning C++ would be best you can do. I went straight to C++ and I turned out fine... I think. Problem with C++ you will be playing with console without seeing any cool results for few weeks before you know more about it. So it could be hard to stay motivated.  If you are going for C++ approach, definitely invest into a some beginners C++ book! It's definitely more hardcore approach.   Awesome vid explaining how to get into game development.
  13. iLoveGameProgramming

    Programming Language selection for Unity3D

    If you don't mind challenging yourself I would go for C#, it will payoff in the end. Otherwise I would go with JavaScript, it is a little bit easier but less powerful.   Also most companies who make games in Unity do use C#. So if you would be job searching in future you would be required to know it anyways.
  14. After calculating my results with degree calculator I got 77.49, a quite high first!
  15. Two more days till we get our results! :)
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