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  1. UDK or Unity? The best game engine for beginners?

    Unity is better to start of with
  2. How to start off in gaming

    Thank you I have a lot to think about but I now know were to start [img][/img]
  3. you know I nether thought of it that way so I guess if I get a job making a game like that I have at lest done something good.
  4. Searching for a 3D Platformer Game Engine Please Help

    thanks for your help guys
  5. [quote name='kseh' timestamp='1340215808' post='4951063'] I might guess that people list their ages because they feel it gives an indication of the resources they have available to them. I might guess that someone who is 17 is still in school, can't afford to buy a high end computer or compiler, may be thinking about their career path and what colleges or university to attend, and has many years ahead to perfect his trade. Where as a person that says he's 36 probably already has a job, might be able to afford more equipment, might not be planning to go back to school to learn programming suggesting he might be more interested in books or online material than a younger person. All sorts of stereotypes you can draw by a person's age and it's easy to communicate them by simply saying, "I'm 17." [/quote] That is very true. But I, like many other young ones coming it to the world of game development seek help and guidance so we don't end up in a dead end job making the next My little pony game.
  6. I don't know most of the people for some reason do
  7. How to start off in gaming

    Thanks for the Help and suggestions
  8. I'm 17 and getting in to the world of game design and programming i do not know where to start and I need help? I have experience in unity so far but that is all. so my questions are What programming languages should I learn? Which Game engines should I start off with?
  9. Hi I'm working on a game with a friend. My job is to bring the drawing and design come to life but i have one problem. I wish to know which game engine will allow me to make a game like a 3d plat former Like the one in the photo below.Can something like cry engine3 or unity work? If any one can Help please reply Thank you[img][/img] [img][/img]
  10. Want to learn Java? If so click here

    Thanks dude just what I need to start of my learning of java
  11. How to start off in gaming

    Hi i am new to this world and do not no were to begin [img][/img] About my self: I have completed year 11 and gave up on year 12 at TAFE. i do have some experience using unity3D to make landscapes but I have not a clue how to use Java or any programs like that. I'm slowly learning by my self and will be getting proper training in a digital media course cert 3 at TAFE. I play piano and have a good ear with music. i'm very creative and love to write storys. So my questions are: How should i start my training? How can you improve you profile so people will start noticing you in the gaming community? Are there any other things I should know ?