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  1. Don't miss out Jared Freedman speaking at #gdghack12 hackathon this Saturday June 23. http://t.co/wcavjngN
  2. #GameLoop coming out on June 30. Make sure you get your copy by subscribing: http://t.co/bkKDde0b
  3. [color=#666666]Greetings Everyone,[/color] [color=#666666][b][i]Game Loop[/i][/b] is a [b]free[/b] monthly magazine developed by Game Developers Guild intended to teach anybody interested in game development how to create games. The magazine is divided into seasons. Each season is composed of a set of issues which guide you, the reader, from the set up of the tools and development libraries all the way to the creation of the entire game. Each of these seasons covers a new game which will either be 2D or 3D, in platforms like android, unity, XNA, and many others. [/color] [color=#666666][b]Game Loop[/b] is a step-by-step guide through the entire development process.[/color] [color=#666666][i]You will learn how to program, how to create art and how to create music. Best of it all, its subscription will always be free.[/i][/color] [color=#666666][b]Subscribe to the [i]Game Loop[/i] members list to receive updates on the releases[i]. [url="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHZrWGJIS1dlV3dtYmFhLW80YUNCS3c6MQ#gid=0"]Subscribe[/url][/i][/b][/color] [color=#666666][b]Follow Us: @GameDevGuild KickStarter: [url="http://kck.st/LnCTsX"]http://kck.st/LnCTsX[/url][/b][/color] [color=#666666]Best,[/color] [color=#666666]Game Developers Guild[/color]
  4. #GameLoop is up to 26 subscribers with people from Maimi, Florida to Hampsire, UK. Subscribe: http://t.co/bkKDde0b
  5. The ACM Turing Centenary Celebration program in San Francisco. Dont miss it: http://t.co/LQVXAfwB
  6. Are there no, game enthusiasts from Miami, Florida here ?
  7. #GameLoop is 50% funded thanks to the great help of the community. 17days to go, keep helping and RT http://t.co/59qebfsq
  8. Greetings Everybody, The Game Developers Guild will be hosting yet another 24-Hour hackathon. It is available to everyone in the community who wishes to participate. Best of it all, it is free. Register at: [url="http://gdg-hackathon.eventbrite.com/"]http://gdg-hackathon.eventbrite.com/[/url] If this is not enough to catch you attention, the guys at Pixelogic have donated a license of ZBrush ($600+) as one of the prizes for the events. We have had other great sponsors, like COIL([url="http://coil.fiu.edu/"]http://coil.fiu.edu/[/url]) , Walmart, The Lab Miami([url="http://thelabrats.tumblr.com/"]http://thelabrats.tumblr.com/[/url]), come together to help make this event happen. On another news, the Game Developers Guild has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to get some funding for GameLoop. GameLoop will be the first FREE educational magazine released by the guild and each season will take the reader from setting up the tools all the way to the completion of a game all one step at a time. If you don't know what Kickstarter is, to put it simply. It is a site where the community gets to help the creation of projects by backing them. You pledge a small amount and in return you get some rewards. One good thing is that, if the project doesn't reach the funds by the specified date you get all your money back. So, check it out at: ([url="http://kck.st/LnCTsX"]http://kck.st/LnCTsX[/url]) . If you really like the idea and what to see it turn into reality, pledge some money. If you cant, you cant support us by spreading the word through Facebook or Twitter. Also, don't forget to subscribe for this FREE magazine at: (goo.gl/VxKHn). This way, you can grab a hold of the first issue when it comes out. Best, Frank Hernandez Game Developers Guild Guild Master