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  1. Thank you for the suggestion I will do that. But I still don't get why this re-rendering in WM_SIZE is needed at all. Once the drawing is displayed in the window it should stay on the window right ?
  2. I don't get lost device cause I am checking the return value of Present and throwing exception if it returns that the device is lost, and I don't get exception at all
  3. Hi I am drawing with directx9, windowed mode. The drawing is in dialog box . The drawing is a simple animation, and the user have option to pause the animation from button click. The problem is following: 1) The animation is paused 2) User minimizes main application 3) when main application window is restored , the drawing is lost i.e the dialog is empty The drawing is like this ( pseudo code) : OnBtnClikedPause() { paused = true; } bool isRunning= true; while (isRunning) { MSG msg; if (PeekMessage(&msg, 0, 0, 0, PM_REMOVE)) { if (msg.message == WM_QUIT) { isRunning= false; continue; } } else { if( ! paused ) { scene.Update(); BeginScene(); ClearBuffers(); Draw(); EndScene(); Present(); } } } The updating and drawing of the scenegraph is only if the animation is not paused. If I change the code , so that I am drawing all the time and only updating if not paused , then I am no longer seeing this problem when restoring back : if( !paused ) { scene.Update(); } BeginScene(); ClearBuffers(); Draw(); EndScene(); Present(); So I don't get it why the rendering in the dialog is lost ? anyone have idea how to solve the problem without drawing all the time
  4. Milla.M

    DirectX drawing in other thread

    but then I need to have synchronization for each frame between my main thread and rendering thread, so the main thread doesn't update when the rendering thread draws.I think this would be no good. So anyone else have other idea why the rendering in second thread doesn't work
  5. Milla.M

    DirectX drawing in other thread

    Hi I can send minimum ( doesn't compile code). I should mention that the code uses wild magic 5 library for rendering, and I am using Qt , to start the second thread. The second thread starts its own message loop , so it can receive the update message . I don't know if you familiar wit qt signal/slots mechanism but this should be irrelevant here. void Initialize( HWND parentHWND) { // DirectX uses a projection matrix for depth in [0,1]. Wm5::Camera::SetDefaultDepthType(Wm5::Camera::PM_DEPTH_ZERO_TO_ONE); // === Create the window for rendering. === // Register the window class. static wchar_t sWindowClass[] = L"My Window"; WNDCLASS wc; wc.style = CS_HREDRAW | CS_VREDRAW | CS_OWNDC; wc.lpfnWndProc = MyEventHandler; wc.cbClsExtra = 0; wc.cbWndExtra = 0; wc.hInstance = 0; wc.hIcon = 0; wc.hCursor =0; wc.hbrBackground = (HBRUSH)GetStockObject(WHITE_BRUSH); wc.lpszClassName = sWindowClass; wc.lpszMenuName = 0; RegisterClass(&wc); DWORD dwStyle; dwStyle = WS_CHILDWINDOW; // resize it, to fit its parent RECT rect; ::GetWindowRect(parentHWND, &rect); int width = rect.right - rect.left; int height = rect.bottom - rect.top; static wchar_t sWindowName[] = L"MyWindow"; // Create the application window. HWND handle = CreateWindow(sWindowClass, sWindowName, dwStyle, 0,//xPos 0,//yPos width, height, parentHWND, 0, 0, 0); // Create the device for rendering. mRenderInput.mWindowHandle = handle; mRenderInput.mDriver = Direct3DCreate9(D3D_SDK_VERSION); assertion(mRenderInput.mDriver != 0, "Failed to create Direct3D9\n"); mRenderer = new0 Wm5::Renderer(mRenderInput, width, height, mColorFormat, mDepthStencilFormat, mNumMultisamples); // Display the window. ShowWindow(handle, SW_SHOW); UpdateWindow(handle); } class MyRunner: public QObject { public slots : void update() { mSceneGraph->Update(); mCuller.ComputeVisibleSet(mSceneGraph->GetRoot()); if (mRenderer->PreDraw()) // PreDraw just calls BeginScene { mRenderer->ClearBuffers(); mRenderer->Draw(mCuller.GetVisibleSet()); mRenderer->PostDraw(); // PostDraw just calls EndScene mRenderer->DisplayColorBuffer(); // DisplayColorBuffer just calls Present } emit(SignalUpdate()); // this post message to the second thread message loop so it can basically start the update cycle anew } }; class MyThread : public QThread { void run() { this->exec(); // this starts message loop } }; HWND mainAppHwnd = GetMainHwnd(); Initialize(mainAppHwnd); MyThread* thread = new MyThread; MyRunner* runner = new MyRunner; runner->moveToThread(thread); QObject::connect(thread,SIGNAL(started()),runner,SLOT(update())); thread->start(); "And if i remember correct, you should not render on a secondthread, you should render on your main thread, but do all the updating and setup all data to just be scheduald for drawing, so that the main thread do as litle as possible when the drawing´s begins." I don't uderstand this. Does this mean that in my case that I should call the updating of the scenegraph, and drawing functions on second thread, but only call Present on main thread ? By the way what problem did you solve with Sleep(1) ? Also I can't switch to DirectX11
  6. Hi I have some directx code that I want to run in second thread. I read the following http://www.codermind...-Direct3D9.html which says that is ok to use directx device from other thread as long as you are not using concurrently from many threads, and I am not doing that. And that you have to call CreateDevice and CreateWindow from the same thread , and some others functions like TestCooperativeLevel, Reset etc And I am doing the following : 1) create window and directx device in main thread 2) start second thread and do the rendering and updating there , basically : update BeginScene Draw EndScene Present 3) Also I care to call TestCooperativeLevel, Reset, pDevice->Release and pDirect3D->Release() from the main thread. Problem : The code is working when I test it in debug mode. But it doesn't in relase mode i.e it seems that the rendering threads draws all fine, but my main thread seems blocked and doesn't process messages, or maybe sometimes process them very slow. If just comment the call to Present , everything is fine ( of course it doesnot draw on screen ) i.e the main thread is responsive and second thread is running too. Sooo, is there some problem when calling Present from other thread, if the window and device is created in main thread ? As I read the following http://msdn.microsof...4(v=vs.85).aspx such restriction has only on CreateDevice,TestCooperativeLevel and Release.
  7. Hi I am developing plugin dll for thirdparty application. I want to do simple animation from my plugin dll, only when there is not messages in the main application i.e when the application is idle. The standrad way of doing this is : while ( bDoingBackgroundProcessing ) { MSG msg; while ( ::PeekMessage( &msg, NULL, 0, 0, PM_NOREMOVE ) ) { if ( !PumpMessage( ) ) { bDoingBackgroundProcessing = FALSE; ::PostQuitMessage( ); break; } } // here draw DrawScene(); } But since I want to do the drawing from dll plugin, I can not this, i.e I can not modify the host application main message loop. I already tried to put nested message loop in my dll, and it works with some problems, like some messages from the main application are not processed at all. Anyone have suggestion how to solve this ?
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