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  1. I encounter a question about how to change the size of font [irrlicht-1.7.3], need a function like SetScale(f32 scale), the size of font change over time. I just touch with IrrLicht less a week. so what can I do? inherit some class or ?in detail, Thanks in advance.
  2. Garbage Collector?

    Mostly In game is object memory pool, or directly allocate and delete by their manager! I think this way will make game more flexible and efficiency.
  3. 1,For editor gui, Cryengine3 use a charged library that like mfc(c++) and developed by other company.but I have forgotten its name. 2,Unreal and Cryengine are both separate engine and editor in different project, engine is kernel project. 3,In my opinion, I suggest that you should use c++ because of it portability. 4,Sorry about this question, but I think that using VS should be ok, and they may be develop it in Multi-Platform OS(win, linux,etc...), to make engine cross-platform available.
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