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  1. Of course I forgot to pack my new red pens on writing test day. Oh well, black ink all around.
  2. I've tweeted a lot of negativity recently. I need to return to my upbeat positive self. What it do?!
  3. For some reason I really like this #selfelevation2011 tag. In addition: sticking to the create-random-tags plan. #badideasarebad
  4. In more important news, my cable TV still hasn't fixed it self and I've confirmed I'm paying for it. #middleclassissues
  5. Samsung is in the office trying to issue new CCs. It really is madness, part of going to work is to escape salesmen. #noescapemarketing
  6. Losing the fight against boredom I need a new reading based hobby. #whyaminotworking
  7. More people need to recognize Whalberg for his role in The Fighter. This man showed over four emotions not acting as himself! #goodbadactors
  8. Kinda blown. Really looking forward to the gym now. Good day gone bad for real. Oh well, it's almost over now. #lyricsintotweets
  9. I saw English about the quake in Japan on Korean TV. Then I realized they probably don't own any of this footage. #youmustremember #haterade
  10. I'm learning to master my escapes from these random breaks. Ninja training is a 24/7 experience.
  11. I'm just realizing how old American McGee's Alice is and now realizing I'm getting old...
  12. Aren't we off to a bad start EA/Bioware? Sales probably haven't slowed down though...
  13. Okay, not doing a mind dump for this but 'She's The Man' is pretty hot. Amanda Bynes being funny plus Chali 2NA #winning
  14. In semi-related news: MPC keeps farking up the ratios of my videos. I've been going to VLC as a staple as of late. I hate the VLC UI... #fml