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    Popularity of Unity? Many Jobs?

    thanks for the comments! I'm glad to be proven wrong
  2. I wanted to bump this topic up again....as I hoped to learn more about the actual responsibilities one is given to accomplish per week as a developer in a game company (small, medium or large). thanks for the insights!
  3. with Unity being free, powerful, ridiculously easy to pickup, and did I mention free ;-) I would've expected to hear a lot (subjectively) more commotion / activity concerning it. Is my assessment right? or is there really a large following I'm just not seeing? I also expected there to be more job offerings related to Unity game development, is this not the case? My presumption is that the AAA boys have the funds to throw at more bleeding edge engines, and so most are invested elsewhere. While Unity is so quick & easy that most (less-funded) development can be handled by a few on their own. Thanks for any thoughts!
  4. thanks for all that, its great to hear others experiences :-) besides just hours (which are long) and lines of code (your average per week?), what aspects of the game are you tasked to accomplish per week? is it anything like finish a quarter of the game engine or implement a pathfinder?
  5. As a game developer, I was wondering what are some of the responsibilities you would typically be expected to complete in any given week? (like complete an inventory system, a navigation class, a dozen shaders, etc.) I ask in regard to both smaller games and larger ones, such as Left4Dead or CoD. I know the answer may be quite varied, but I'd like to hear all scenarios if you will. Also what are the typical size of those teams? On a personal note, I'm trying to gauge the workload of a game programmer and my own work speed relative to it... Thanks!
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