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  1. Hey, Me and my friend are entering our last year of school and when we finish we want to go into the Video Game Industry by programming games. the problem is we know nothing about it though and thought we should probably learn but we have a few questions first. 1)What is the best thing to learn (we want to program games for consoles.) 2)Is there anyway I can learn for free as we are tight on money. We want to learn how to program together and know that we will need to build a good portfolio to have a chance of getting a job. Also is Collage/University a good idea? Thanks for any help. =)
  2. haddez

    I want to learn.

    What are the differences to C++ and c# and how long would c++ take to learn if you know nothing about programming (I am starting on Small Basic first.)
  3. haddez

    I want to learn.

    It is a beginning programming language, and would work well to introduce you to the topic. You won't be writing the next big shooter in the language, but it should be enough to get you through tic-tac-toe and similar games. If you are interested in a language that is used in bigger games, you might consider learning C#. [/quote] I was planning on making a few simple games like Pong, Tic Tac Toe then trying a basic Side-Scoller before moving on. What would be better in the long run C# or C++. From what I understand C++ is used more often but C# is easier and more reliable. Also sorry if this sounds a little bad but would anyone be able to help me start and understand the basics of it all? I have looked through the tutorial that comes with Small Basic and it is Okay for a bit but misses out alot on how to put it all together and on how to use the information to make a basic game. there aren't any tutorials online that explain it either. Once I understand it I will be okay but when learning a new language I need a teacher (or Rosseta Stone ) instead of a written guide.
  4. haddez

    I want to learn.

    Would you say "Small Basic" is a good program to start with?
  5. haddez

    I want to learn.

    The closest you are going to get to console programming ( for free )is probably the Vita. I have a series of tutorials I mentioned over in the Your Announcements section that should get you started. ( Does anyone actually read the Your Announcement forum anymore??? ). You can also target the XBox 360 using XNA, but that future is certainly a cloudy one... Beyond that, you need to learn to program first, there are no short cuts. College and University are both good ideas for giving you the proper foundation, or perhaps more importantly, to proving you can actually finish something. That said, you are still going to need to get your hands dirty. If you are at ground zero in your programming adventure, start by reading this, take two asprin, then dive in and start writing some code. Some simple code. Like hello world, on a PC not a console. You build up from there. [/quote] When i said we wanted to do consoles i meant when we have learnt how to code and have a job I know it would be impossible to start there. Thanks for that link, reading through it now it seems helpful as I am on 'Ground Zero' and know nothing about programming.
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