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  1. Help getting off the ground

    Thank you so much for your advice. I have no interest in making an MMORPG, in fact I want to try to make an iPhone game for starters. I like the idea of making a prototype and then retrospective of what worked and didn't. And the art we want to use is 2D art. It just seems difficult to help artists make frame by frame, due to the expansive need for different sprite combinations. I really appreciate the advice!
  2. Help getting off the ground

    Hey everyone, I found this site, and really enjoy the positive feedback everyone gives. I have a question though and would like help. I am just starting to get off my feet on game design. I have written a design document, and I have a programmer who gaining experience (we plan on using game salad). I also have an artist and sound design set up. My problem is that it feels overwhelming to try to get a game going with an artist. Does anyone have any advice on animation that would help a beginner designer? I am always willing to learn new things. I go to a small college and in my spare time I work on this idea I have and just need help for the next step after the design doc. Any advice at all will be greatly appreciated!