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  1. Get us the declaration of aSprite1.GetTextureQuad().   I think your problem is that GetTextureQuad() returns by value, that would create a temporary object and then get a reference to it.   here's some info: http://www.herbsutter.com/2008/01/01/gotw-88-a-candidate-for-the-most-important-const/
  2. Mito

    Monogame Resources

    RB Whitaker has excelent tutorials on XNA, Monogame (he gives special atention to the principal diferences and custom steps between the two), C# and Java:   http://rbwhitaker.wikidot.com/monogame-tutorials
  3. Mito

    My Online RPG - Update #3

    I can't see the video right now, but it apears that you've really gone for the sugestions on the other thread and started with an ORPG.   When i got on this forum I had the same dream of making an MMO. I also did not believe on all the posts saying how hard it was, but after sometime I got bored with the idea.   It seens that starting small and growing the game little by little you may someday be able to deliver an MMO, I look forward for your reports.   That said, i think you should start an developer journal here on GDNet.
  4. The concept sounds cool, sometime ago I was playing with the concept of Theme Music Power UP , but i could not find a way to make it an active concept, as in it's an actual power up.
  5. Those look quite good for a stealth game, and i'm going to sugest 2 games for you to take a look and get inspiration: Dishonored and Mark of the Ninja. Dishonored has a blink skill that's quite like what you want for number 1, I personally find that skill quite enjoyable to use. Mark of the Ninja on the other hand has a grappling hook that blends quite nicely with the general gameplay, the special edition also has some commentary on the thinking process of the game, one specific comment mentions how they had planned to make the grappling hook exactly like you described, but that resulted on the ninja smashing it's face on the walls almost all the time, so they decided to simplify it to what's in the game now. Also, Mark of the Ninja has hiding spots that act exactly as you described. I think that if you take inspiration from that functions, you can design something that would be really fun to play with, i can imagine hanging away on a grappling hook, releasing it mid-air, dashing forward and grapling to another wall, all without being detected. I think i'm going too action-stealth here
  6. Mito

    VS2013 always online requirements?

    This isn't really the image i wanted to share, but it's the closest that i could find: I think it does portrait today's world with accuracy
  7. Mito

    VS2013 always online requirements?

      then why you use windows?   It's just settings, unless you've choosen to send the other info by checking it on the instalation, in witch case you're alread sending the info even without being logged in.
  8. Mito

    What is a tight loop?

    if you're worried about performance, measure it.   measure the execution speed of your code comparing the code that calls the unmanaged methods with code that call managed methods that do the same calculations.   if you're so worried about performance that you care about tight loops, you should really consider if you want to pay the marshaling cost.
  9. Mito

    C# Loop with threading

      the dregree depends on wich version of .NET he pretends to support, on 4.5 it's as easy as using synchronous(normal) methods.
  10. can't see the video here at work, but i liked the explanation and concepts given, i'll stay tunned for the next part (and obously will watch the video at home)
  11.   i think the same way and will be doing that.
  12. Mito

    Ideas needed for Blacksmith mini game.

    Azaral gave the best description of a forging process that i've ever heard (or read).   I've technical level on Mechanics (not sure what's the name of the degree in english), and I can confirm everything he says about alloys and thermal treatments.
  13. I'm new to game development (although not new to programming) and i'm trying to learn.   Currently, I'm using the SharpDX.Toolkit API with C# to make a simple test 2D game, but a question arrived as i was writing code to load sprite sheets:   How do i store my content/game assets on the disk?   Currently, i've a folder in my project where i place the assets for loading but, as i was setting the build action on the test sprite sheet, i realized that this might not be the way to do it on a game if i wan't to release it.   Although i'm not concerned with users swapping sprite sheets or using them somewhere else, maybe there's some other problem in doing it ike so?   What's the best way to store the game assets if you're using a content manager like the one SharpDX provides?
  14. I used XNA, but as it's losing support, i decided to move to a new framework, after taking a look at MonoGame, I decided to go with SharpDX. it wasn't a logical decision, I just felt it was the best to do...   about the xnb files, they are the reason i asked the question, i've no clue if they're used for speeding up loading time or just to hide the assets...   what i'll end up doing for the final game is to set the assets as embedded resources in another assembly and load from there, does that sound reasonable?
  15. That's exactly how i'm doing it, but my sprite sheets are plain png files and i've never seen any game exposing those files, so i thought i was doing something wrongh, it's good to know that's not bad, thanks!
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