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  1. [quote name='Saruman' timestamp='1339692414' post='4949196'] Personally no. Although if you consider SWTOR was built using HeroEngine and a vast amount of MMOs have launched on BigWorld they should be completely fine for a one man team. They are specifically built for this type of game and provide the tools you would otherwise spend a few years building. [/quote] Is there any way to try it out, before you pay 99$?
  2. [quote name='Saruman' timestamp='1339687364' post='4949175'] Also is there a reason you're avoiding the proven solutions like HeroCloud and BigWorld? [/quote] Never heard of them, will take a look into them EDIT: Looks amazing, but do you have any feedback using them?
  3. But the question is if it's dificult to programming MMO in those engines. Like UDK has maximum 64 connections and it's far away from calling it MMO and trying to write MMO in SDK is out of my range, because it would need many modifications. What about Cry Engine? Anyone has experience with it? Know its possibilities? Well Irrlicht looks good, but not amazing and if I have no other choice I would go for it. I saw unity, but graphics of games made in that engine looks average and comparing free Irrlicht makes no sense to pay for it or am I wrong?
  4. [quote name='iLoveGameProgramming' timestamp='1339674344' post='4949119'] Im quite sure you can achive that with Irrlicht engine using rakNet for networking [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.png[/img] [url="http://sourceforge.net/apps/gallery/irrlicht/index.php?g2_itemId=171"]http://sourceforge.n...p?g2_itemId=171[/url] [/quote] Looks nice, what about licenses?
  5. Hello I'm new to PC game programming, so far I was working on web based games. Now I want to try something bigger similar to Lineage II. I know guys how fucking hard work is that, but anyway I want to try it, even if it fails after few months of work I would have experience. If you want to tell me how bad my idea is then keep it for yourself and don't spam. Don't kill my motivation, thanks. So the first thing I would like to know is which engine would be the best for MMO programming. I've read that UDK isn't good for that because I would have to rewrite networking classes and much more pain. I know that doing it would result in amazing looks game, but I dont have 180ppl like TERA did to work at that and experience they had from UE2 coding L2. I don't know about Cry Engine if it's good choice to making MMO with it, but isn't it like 400k $ ? However cry engine is amazing, but I doubt I could buy it. I need some engine with really good looking natural graphics. Google screens from L2, I don't like graphics which Tera-Online or AION has. For now most important thing is to get some basics working like, moving, chating, seeing each other and proper structure of packets. After I get it working I would find more people to work with as they see basics are done. I have some experience with crypting, networking etc, because I made some bots for Lineage II and working server emulator. So I'm not newbie. Hope you guys take it serious and give me valuable advices. P.S Sorry for my english, but I missed some classes