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  1. All of mentioned engines are 3d and seem a bit overkill for my purposes. And i think gamemaker is not suited for prototyping ai-battles. I'm looking for something that you wanted to use to make Warcraft 1/c&c i.e. basic RTS.
  2.   The game is 2d top-down(bird eye) AI robot battles like robocode.net
  3. Hi guys!   I'm searching for an open sourced game engine(c/c++) that supports:   collisions, fov, pathfinding, ability to save replays.   The game is something like robocode with d&d maps.   Any suggestions?  
  4. Is box2d scalable to 100000 characters? The problem with the engines out there including box2d is that they run a loop and in each loop check for collisions between objects. but if instead of checking for collision on each object in each loop if we calculate when the next collision for an object occurs using equations of motion then i think it will be the most efficient.
  5. [quote name='AzureBlaze' timestamp='1340110844' post='4950561'] This is more a hardware problem. My on-broad Intel HD Graphics 3000 can render around 8K 32*32 sprites with same texture at 60fps, while doing game logic and rendering simple background. With some decent graphic card you could do maybe like 50K simple sprites or particles, but 100K "characters" don't sound promising. [/quote] This is meant to be run on server, while showing only small part to frontend.
  6. Hello everybody, our team is developing a game and now we're in search of an engine that can simplify our project. 1) Can box2d be scaled to use more than 100000 bodies? 2) Can box2d be scaled to do collision detection of more that 100000 shapes? 3) what is the order of the raycast algorithm used in box2d for checking if 2 bodies are in line of sight of each other? 4) What 2d engine can be used for rendering more than 100000 characters? Thanks!