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  1. What is a good engine for a 2d game?

    [b]Hello,[/b] What [i]WavyVirus[/i] is implying is one of the best methods of making a 2D game. Although, the full potential of this method of building a 2D game is only used if your 2D game requires a lot of resources (which it most likely wont). The fact that you have moved on from Game Maker is a clear sign that you are ready to start programming. Here is a great resource to help you choose a programming language: [url=""]http://www.gamefroms...-developer.aspx[/url] I personally would suggest Python or C#. If you need any help feel free to message me. Good luck, [b]-by7e[/b]
  2. Hello, Thank you for creating this article, I am planning on creating a platform game in C# and XNA 4.0 Framework. This brought a lot of insight on how to build a platform game, I never imagined that there were that many ways to implement 2D art. Have a great day, -by7e