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  1. Unreal Engine or try [url="http://www.gamedev.net/topic/626891-game-engines-for-beginners/"]http://www.gamedev.net/topic/626891-game-engines-for-beginners/[/url]
  2. [url="http://www.gamedev.net/topic/626891-game-engines-for-beginners/"]http://www.gamedev.net/topic/626891-game-engines-for-beginners/[/url] Could be helpful...
  3. [url="http://www.gamedev.net/topic/626891-game-engines-for-beginners/"]http://www.gamedev.net/topic/626891-game-engines-for-beginners/[/url] Might help your problem.
  4. Ok so lately i've seen alot of [list] [*][i]What game engine do I chose?[/i] [*][i]Beginner Game Engine?[/i] [*][i]Starting game engine?[/i] [*][i]Beginner to game programming (need help)[/i] [/list] [i][img]http://cache.g4tv.com/ImageDb3/295402_S/borderlands-2.jpg[/img][/i] Threads on the forums and was replying to most helping them out but it felt like I was spamming, so for anyone that needs help deciding on a game engine. Go to [url="http://niverse.wordpress.com/"]http://niverse.wordpress.com/[/url] and look at the top article there. [url="http://niverse.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/5-best-ways-to-start-in-game-development/"]http://niverse.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/5-best-ways-to-start-in-game-development/[/url] if i've posted heaps by the time you read this. It contains the info you need to decide on which game engine you need to start with. [img]http://static1.scirra.net/images/construct2-splash.jpg[/img] [list] [*]Coding (None-Low-High) [*]Beginner Friendly? [*]Community [*]Tutorials Amount [/list] Soon i'm going to post an article more in-depth on each of the game engine's.
  5. If you want help on deciding [url="http://niverse.wordpress.com/"]http://niverse.wordpress.com/[/url]. It has most beginner level game engines there and how to choose which is best. Unity i think ;D
  6. If you need help deciding [url="http://niverse.wordpress.com/"]http://niverse.wordpress.com/[/url] I wrote an acticle oh how to decide on your first game engine.
  7. If you want advice on your first game and how to start. An article here [url="http://niverse.wordpress.com/"]http://niverse.wordpress.com/[/url] will help greatly. 2D 3D coding no coding, drag and drop. whatever.
  8. C++ is a dieing language. Even Unreal is abandoning it. C# is the newer one. I have wrote an article on starting game development, it explains each game engine and has links to each ones tutorials, the [i]Top 5 starter game engines [/i]so if your interested go to http://niverse.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/5-best-ways-to-start-in-game-development/ Lastly is you love C++ and have to stay with it [url="http://www.dreamincode.net/forums/topic/42855-creating-a-game-in-c/"]http://www.dreamincode.net/forums/topic/42855-creating-a-game-in-c/[/url] PS. C++ stands for C and ++ in programming means +1 so C++ = C+1 aka C version 2 lol
  9. http://niverse.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/5-best-ways-to-start-in-game-development/ A article I wrote, was going to explain but thought I should just like to it instead, has all the starter game engines, and tutorials for each. enjoy making games and good luck
  10. I'd have to recommend Unity, I started on GameMaker, but if you want to do 2d that's not flash, use Unity, it uses C#, Java and Boo. Can export to Xbox,Ps3, Wii, Pc, Mac, Web and Flash without changing code. Can use all 3 languages at once, is very graphical not much mass coding to be done, has alot of precoded parts for games and a mass of tutorials. nuff said.
  11. 5 Best Ways To Start in Game Development http://t.co/wNYXDvBI
  12. [img]http://projectfbg.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/rzj4rk1340797433.png?w=474[/img] Formally Project FBG (FaceBookGame)... Hi everyone, I'm in the process of making a Magic Themed Theme Park Game by [url="http://niverse.wordpress.com"]Niverse Studios[/url], in 3D for the Facebook API, now onto business. [b]Blog[/b] I'm currently blogging my progress at [url="http://projectfbg.wordpress.com"]http://projectfbg.wordpress.com[/url], and need help to find a name, now don't post them here please go to my site and post in the Post 25 in the [i]Game Name:[/i] box. Help would be greatly appreciated, also a follow and comment would be cool too. [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img] [b]Pictures[/b] [img]http://projectfbg.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/sky_theme_park_by_artspell-d3b3q2a2.png?w=726[/img] [img]http://projectfbg.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/sshot-3.png?w=1024&h=583[/img] [img]http://projectfbg.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/sshot-2.png?w=1024&h=583[/img] [b]Progress[/b] Still very very in WIP!, and will be so for a while. But as i've said earlier progress at the blog, maybe a bit here. Questions can be here but I will respond quicker at my blog, it's why I made it. [u][b]Download[/b][/u] is at my blog. and IndieDB. [b][u]Video[/u][/b] is [url="http://projectfbg.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/project-fbg-day-26/"]Here[/url]. [b]Links[/b] [url="http://projectfbg.wordpress.com/"]http://projectfbg.wordpress.com/[/url] [url="http://www.indiedb.com/games/project-fbg"]http://www.indiedb.c...mes/project-fbg[/url] [url="http://niverse.wordpress.com/"]http://niverse.wordpress.com/[/url] [b]What I need[/b] I need some 3D Modelers, Music Makers, and Scripters. 3D Modelers Assets will be of a Theme Park (theme), a similar draw style to the above image, and [img]http://projectfbg.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/sonic_roller_coaster_by_sheikra321.jpg?w=491&h=393[/img] [img]http://projectfbg.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/theme_park_by_cem_2-d3h02kv.jpg?w=474&h=351[/img] Music Makers Anything bouncy and happy like the video below. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULiT_iYoZAo[/media] Scripters Any scripter of any skill level. Apply here, [email="niverse@hotmail.com.au"]niverse@hotmail.com.au[/email] or at my blogs, links are above. I Look forward to hearing from anyone interested. Skype is handy too ;D Lastly I really need a roller coaster 3D Model for my menu now, nothing flash just a loop-de-loop, or non-animated and ill script it [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img] Thanks in Advance.