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  1. I've written a small example to display a skysphere on the PSP and ran into the problem of seams around the positive/negative y faces. There is also an artifact with some triangles of the negative x face being black for 1sec at start of the program. I've also tried to use a skybox and noticed that I've to subdivide the faces in a bunch of small triangles instead of rendering a TRIANGLE_STRIP with 4 vertices for each face because of a bug that hides large triangles near the camera. I don't know if there are seams around the top and bottom faces wih a skybox instead of a skysphere. For the skysphere I subdivide each face into a number of rows and columns and create a TRIANGLES vertex array for each face. You can view the source code for the skysphere example at: [url="https://github.com/worduk/psp-sky-sphere-example.git"]https://github.com/w...ere-example.git[/url] I came across CLAMP_TO_EDGE in OpenGL and noticed that there is no such thing in the PSPs GU library. Jon Daniel
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