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    Games Are a Whole New Form of Storytelling

    I think impeccable storytelling in games will come when the technology and intuition for giving a virtual world more creative, literary and technical depth than ever before finally arrives. Video games today are in a primitive form compared to what they're aspiring to be, despite the leaps of innovation in storytelling, graphics, interaction and game design thus far. There are still so many limitations.   Making a game that has multiple (seemingly endless) story branches for compelling replayability, plus all the polish it takes to enhance immersion, with the right mechanics for play takes a lot of money, time and effort to do. More innovation is needed to really get that far, and get it right. There is also the cultural issue associated with games today, though there are more gamers that want to see games take a new direction. A lot of games today are more so focused on the flash of new technology and gamer tropes than they are about making creative masterpieces within the medium. We need to give games the time to mature and grow. They've gone as far as eliminating the uncanny valley, allowing for more believable characters in story what’s the next step for computer entertainment.
  2. SaNcT17

    What makes a cool video game protagonist?

    Everybody has different preferences that draw them to a character, whatever it may be. I think its mostly due to the image the character presents in the aesthetic and overall setting of the game. I tend to be drawn to characters who aren't so romanticized. I like A superpower here and there is cool, but I like characters who are average joes caught in a rut as opposed to some super soldier sent to fight off a race of man eating monsters.
  3. SaNcT17

    Games and Politics

    I've actually asked myself the same question, how would people react to a politically themed video game? I've hesitated to actually sit and map out my ideas for it a bit before I came to the conclusion that it was okay. I had this idea about a game that takes place in a dystopian America, and one of the themes I wanted to implement in the gameplay is adapting to different types of political systems that have spawned on behalf of those who have gone astray from the tradition in all the chaos of the setting You'll come across when crossing a certain territory. You experience their values, their system of economics, traditions and so on. If games are meant to be a creative outlet, why not make it so. Just as long as it isn't generally offensive.
  4. SaNcT17

    Story for the Picture

    This is the concept art behind the game Remember Me. I looked at it and outta nowhere I thought up a plot for it. Looking at concept art tends to light the ol bulb. I wonder what stories you guys generate when looking at this: Here's mine: Its 2050 and Nigel Faber moves to Paris France on duty as a CIA agent. You live a double life in the city, regular working man by day, agent by night. But duty doesn't respect time as anything may come his way. In this picture, looking down from the balcony, he sees a target he is to hunt down from the briefing in his mission and the player must make a choice between scaling the building, or using the stairs, the choice has consequences as scaling the building draws suspicion and the stairs slow you down. Game play in scaling the buildings would implement elements of parkour. When James hits the floor, the chase begins, as he maneuvers through human traffic, and cars on foot to catch his target, the player would have the option to call to a pedestrian to stop the guy when he gets close. The story was rather short... More like a concept I guess but it looked a lot better in my head.
  5. Hmm. Can I have an example of some techs that can do that? I really wanna know more. Watching how beautifully the AI played out in the last of us gameplay, I was really interested in what type of tech they used in their development to make the AI so dynamic.
  6. So, I came up with a concept for a game I wanted to include realistic crowds and AI actions in. I'm all consept, design and story, but my knowledge is kinda limited on the tech stuff; mostly programming. What kind of technology would it take to make this happen: interactive crowds that you can talk to and recruit for missions through narrative dialogue choices which effect the outcome of the interaction. realistic imperfections to AI behavior to make crowds seem more believable. Stuff like stumbling, ext.
  7. SaNcT17

    A Horrible Industry

    I know it requires collaboration, AAA games cant be done on one person and you're not the only designer working there. I would be open to other creative minds to contribute because my vision alone won't cut it.
  8. SaNcT17

    A Horrible Industry

    Or maybe its just me. I've been doing research on the video game industry for a while now and I'm trying to force myself out of the thought that the industry is a horrible place to work unless you're a talented indie developer making big hits for multiple platforms. I say this because of many things. I get discouraged when I see the majority of games on the shelf of a retailer like gamestop being outshined by games like Modern Warfare, Assasin's Creed, Halo and so on. Many games made on long tired hours by talented individuals stay out of the public eye and dont make much of a profit. Also the cost of making games today, is very discouraging because everything comes down to a decision and a huge budget. Its seems as though creativity potential is limited by funds because of the expensive tech needed. You have to water down great ideas into something feasible and cost flexible because there might not be enough to pay for good artists or more programmers or motion capture equiptment, something like that. Think of all the visions for games that could've become great but didn't get a chance because they were turned down by a manufacturer for not following an ideal consept, or setbacks because of dumbing down specs. The way I see it, if a creative individual has a dream to release a game he or she thinks will be great based on their vision, they either have to do it on their own with whatever slim chance they have of doing so building a team, funding the project by themselves, and doing what it takes to get it out there, or work their ass off for years from the bottom to the top to have a say in what becomes of or what goes to accomplish that vision. The point I wanna make is that the industry needs some changes. I hate that everything comes down to money and the majority of gamers out there are so closed minded.
  9. I'm not very good when it comes to naming things, I tend to get picky and perfectionist and it overrides my creativity. I was wondering what you guys would name a game whose story is centralized on a covert militia taking part in an American uprising against a corrupt government which leads to a revolution...if you're interested in the story, here's the link: http://www.gamedev.n...rta-crazy-idea/ I'm just having trouble coming up with a good name.
  10. SaNcT17

    My...sorta crazy idea.

    Good suggestion. I think a combination of them both would be great.
  11. SaNcT17

    Write a story for this game concept

    Hmm, interesting. Alan Wake was the first thing that came to mind seeing these pictures though lol. This might not be the best story, but here's a brief pitch: You're Neal Mathers, a local farmer's teenage son and many of his animals has gone mission or were found mutilated corpses. Day after day, on the radio you hear news of children gone missing and your father warns you not to be out past dark. While sleeping one night around 4:00am, a bright light shines from the sky through your window, you look outside and in awe, you see a huge silver disc in the sky glowing with many bright colors and it slowly hovers out of the farm and into the dark forest and you follow it until it’s totally out of sight. While following the UFO, you find yourself lost and have to get back to the farm but on your way, you see creepy creatures in the night whose faces are hidden behind the dark with only their white glowing eyes exposed. They try to catch you and you're running and hiding from them with a shovel as your only defense. You hide behind one tree, and peek behind you to see two creatures approach as they come close, you hit one with a shovel and run on to the next cover. Many of them begin to approach slowly and you continue a cat and mouse chase through the night. Finally, you lose them and time passes as dawn breaks along the way back to the farm, you find many children and people your age reported missing on the radio all around the forest as you go along, they seem to be escapees from a creature they describe as the Harvester who lives in what they call the sky house and they're all out looking for the remaining children who were there with them to bring them back to their main hideout, which I guess could be the first picture. Missions consist of finding your way through mazes of crop circles in the forest, using the environment to hide from the Grays (aliens dispatched in the forest to find escapees) and finding out what’s going on in the tower where mysterious echoing sounds of the unknown are heard in the forest every night and colored strobe lights beam through the windows. I’m thinking clues may come through some of the children in riddles and you play through occasional dream sequences (which really feel like a dream by using a dolly zoom effect and surreal and hallucinatory aesthetics and visuals in a real world to add to the mystique of the game)
  12. SaNcT17

    My...sorta crazy idea.

    Thanks for the feedback you guys, I see what has to be done, this is just a draft but i'm still working on it. I appreciate all the advice. The naming of the organizations is intentional. I wanted to give the world a sense of people knowing whats in it. Much like the many organization names we hear of today, I want those names heard in the game the same fashion we would hear names like Goldman Sachs, Al-Qaeda, and the Bush Administration on TV or the radio. It brings some kind of sense of suspicion or "whats going on with these guys" in your mind. I'm leaning a little on conspiracy theory (part of the inspiration comes from the show Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory anyway) About expanding the timeline, I've had ideas about using playable flashbacks tied into the plot dealing with the charter's personal story going back when things were good and "normal" in the country but at the same time dealing with the part of him where he knows things other people don't. For example, it would involve you playing him in a flashback on his way back home from a long day of work he arrives to a happy home with his wife and kids who embrace him on his arrival. He walks up to his room and receives a phone call involving some big details about the up and coming economic crash that will take place two months from now or something like that. He leaves the room, and makes his way downstairs with a worried look he tries to hide and his wife asks him whats wrong and he replies "nothing honey, just...business. Gotta take care of some things." and he leaves the house to take care of some "business" (mostly dealing with more covering up on his part) Something like that. I came up with that on the spot lol. But yeah, I'm looking to utilize flashbacks as a way to explain things in the story and using it for more than one character to tie things up. And as far as the game goes, I'm still figuring stuff out. James has the ability to be very influential and persuasive and he can recruit people to follow him depending on certain circumstances. Missions are discussed with his group REO Corda after James gets intel from Marcus much like a mini congress discussing what to do after something happens. Missions like breaking into a government facility to recover files, assassinating or kidnapping a vital member of the opposition, and many missions leading to the eventual discovery of the core operations of the ERA and Illuminati. Simply put, the mind controlled subjects are basically an army of Manchurian candidates who were kidnapped persons by the government are under the influence of ALPHAMIND which is a huge server used to control the subjects (eventually there's a mission where you must find the location of the server and destroy it. If the mission fails, the subjects continue to reign, making the goal of achieving liberty even harder because you have more forces to fight. An outcome applies to how the mission was executed. I don't want to make it a linear shoot, clear and advance type of thing where only one outcome applies. Its boring. I want to make it so that you have to perform the mission with the mindset of "damn, if I don't do this right, I'm screwed" So you take into consideration you have to be careful, many lives depend on this rather than I gotta beat this mission to move on to the next level. So you have to be quiet, use force only when necessary, you gotta be quick eliminating targets and the game wont be only shoot and cover, you can use your environment against your enemies. For example, you're taking cover behind a crate and the shooter is a few feet away from you but close, you can ram into him using the crate while still in cover, get out and use him as a shield, ground and pound him or just kill him. Also being creative by shooting down hanging structures to eliminate multiple enemies in one spot, you can flank, use enemies as shields, all sorts of stuff.
  13. I'm an aspiring game designer currently attending college to get a degree in game design and development. I've built a game before using FPS creator when I was like 14, the software made it so easy you can say a 5th grader can do it. So I cant say I've had major experience designing games, but I've been creating stories since the 3rd grade drawing comics on notebook paper. The idea I had for a game is inspired from other games, books, TV shows and so on. I just need an opinion on how I'm doing so far. I personally think its a good idea, but I cant conclude that on my own. While writing the story of the game, I found myself very passionate about the story and many ideas and concepts came to mind. I took a break and thought about what it would take to actually make this game the way it looks on screen the same way it looks in my head, and I humbled myself to accepting the challenges and what good of a team I'll need to actually make this idea come to life. A certain aesthetic or appeal that gives the game a bold, fresh and unique brand and experience. The concept of experiencing the world through the character's eyes by not confining the player to a battlefield, taking him/her places where the conflict touches many things outside the battlefield. A game that takes away the inevitability of completing a mission, giving the player a free will that will shape the outcome of the story based on weather or not the mission failed or not. Great AI, graphics, all the good stuff people wish were present in more games I guess. Guess you can say this is my first project...no idea how I'm going to come about developing it hahah, but all this stuff is just blissful ideas in my head that I can't fully decode yet. ...anyway, the Idea I came up with so far, its a lil long, forgive me: It’s 2085 and James Niles is a man living in the dawn of a second American civil conflict provoked by an undercover journalist movement exposing a series of clandestine operations and events leading up to the agenda of the newly formed ERA (Elitist Republic America). A period called the exposition era which started in 2062 because of the unusual amounts of disasters that happened prior to that period. Natural, economic, infrastructural and medical. Many of them unexplained or dismissed with a questionable explanation. In 2075, the news released by these journalist spies who called themselves the Joint Truth Beholders got more and more intense by exposing many amendments made by the government over time that resulted in the eventual decay of the U.S. Bill of Rights. These new laws when read between the lines of the B.o.R. stripped away the individual rights of Americans. By 2080, American society began shifting into a dystopian state with the initiation of a police state government. Then in 2082, the unthinkable happens when the four members of the JTB were finally unveiled to the public for the first time. Tragically and inevitably, they were all assassinated shortly after. This marked a limit in outrage amongst the masses of the American public. This sparked aggressive rebellion against the imposed power in the country and it goes on til 2084; with the bombing of many government facility by civilians. The govt takes the uprising seriously and as a result of the bombings, the ERA responded with a vengeance. They began to lash out a force against civilians in an attempt to keep them under control by committing random acts of terrorism indirectly using mind controlled individuals called subjects who were victims to a project named ALPHAMIND (a revival of MKULTRA with more effective and advanced methods to achieve mind control as a means to mass produce subjects to release in society long sponsored by elite scientist for many years.) This leads from demonstrations, to protests to riots and finally acts of war against the ERA. This provokes a new level of retaliation in part by the ERA but the official unveiling of the Illuminati forces to the public in 2088. Many domestic militias begin to form in the country and among one of these domestic groups is REO Corda, which started out as a closed civilian covert operations network dedicated to uncovering intelligence from within the government and acting upon it. Founded by James Niles and his ex-coworker Marcus Heath, after the assassination of four journalist spies in 2082, James took it upon himself to replace them as he felt guilty for keeping quiet about clandestine operations and agendas the government had up their sleeve for many years in his time as a CIA agent. The group retaliate covertly to government process by means of force, infiltrating from the inside. This is made possible by Marcus Heath who works in the government as a CIA agent but on the side of the people, feeding James important intell and information for him to carry out his plans with the group. Its kind of inspired by the book "Before We Were Free" The style I'm aiming for is not a military shooter, but more of a person taking matters in his own hand in a domestic operation with a macgyver style/cyberpunk fashion, in a period of rebillion similiar but not exactly like the counterculture in the 60s and 70s. Dunno if it sounds ridiculous or not...looks alot better in my head =/ It'll take the span of a trilogy. The first dealing with the rebellion and covert ops stuff, the second will introduce a civil war and the third, not fully sure but an end to the war and a re establishment of a new government or something like that. Feedback would be great. I need tips, opinions, whatever I can get.
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