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  1. Hashbyte

    HTML5 Game Development?

    Could you possibly explain "client side interactivity" a bit? Thanks.
  2. You could try Game Maker... like for real it's much more powerful than people think. And when you get comfortable with it, you might consider learning the language. Game Maker has it's own language, GML. Once you do, you'll be able to make some awesome indie games.
  3. Hey guys, just got this crazy idea about a simple game, I wanna make it browser based, is it possible to make a game fully in html5 or do you need stuff like javascript too. Anyone got any good resources?
  4. Hashbyte

    A quicky question :)

    I did look onto this forum a lot before I posted but I wanted to tell everyone what exactly I was going on for. As for the XNA, I looked into it, game dev. for windows phone and xbox?
  5. Hashbyte

    A quicky question :)

    What's going on guys? I have a pretty quick question for everyone, see I'm really into this game dev. thing. I wanna make some simple games in the beginning (like some 2d tetris, 2d space shooter, and a 2d car racing game). Which language would you think it would be easier to learn and make in? Or would game maker be better? Or something else? Thanks guys!
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