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  1. kazisami

    How to transition into Game Dev with Java

    To mention one more useful framework, look at libgdx. It has more suitable framework for making games than lwjgl or jogl. For the 3d part you have lwjgl wrapped in. For physics you have integrated box2d. For detailed feature list look here.
  2. kazisami

    I need help with learning game development

      Yeah, to understand what you said, I have to understand my understanding ;-)
  3. kazisami

    Advice wanted for budding game developer

    Unity mainly uses JavaScript and C# for scripting. You can choose the one that suits you well. Here are some links that will get you started-   http://www.unity3dstudent.com/   http://walkerboystudio.com/html/unity_training___free__.html
  4. kazisami

    GDnet Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday GameDev GameDev started on 15 June, 14 years ago and I became a member on 18 June, 1 year ago. Our birth date is so close ! (not the birth year though )
  5. kazisami

    Starting 2D multiplayer game designing

    First get the grasp of what it means to make a 2D game, then start thinking about multiplayer, because sometimes 2D can be so complex that adding the word multiplayer seems like a burden   
  6. kazisami

    Game Developers' Pathway!

    Some books can also help you. For learning the Java language, Thinking in java is a good choice. For a comprehensive details of the the Java API, look at Core java V1 and Core java V2.   Then after you got the language, try Killer game programming in java or Developing games in java. A good thing about both of these books are that their source code in downloadable and the Killer book is also readable online.   Zetcode is also another basic starter.   Hope this helps.
  7. kazisami

    Help regarding my EPUB reader

      Thank you very much, it worked :D Now i can follow those instructions. Thanks again :D
  8. I am trying to make an EPUB reader for windows 7. My first attempt was to search and understand what is inside .epub files. But most of the time, I got answers related to iPhone epub reader, like- unzipping, locating XHTML/XML(not sure) file and parsing it etc. But the .epub files in my pc do not contain things like this.   Can anyone tell me the difference in pc .epub files and an high level view of the process, so that I can at least start searching and finding information.   Thanks. 
  9. kazisami

    funny idea for an ann game

    A good starting point might be Perceptron, then Hopfield and then FeedForward. And in the mean time you will learn different training and error calculation algorithm like- hebb's rule, delta rule and after that, Backpropagation.   Good Luck.
  10. Thanks again for the help. You know what, I was going to ask you the same thing. I was looking for some other neural networks, then I came across Hopfield network and there is a step when we need to convert the boolean(1 and 0) to 1 and -1. Then I was thinking if this could be done with Perceptron too. And before I could ask, you answered it :)
  11. Don't worry, your english is as awesome as your explanation :D I am getting a hold of this, but I need to experiment a lot before I can understand it clearly. But you answered my question and that's enough for starting experiment without any confusion.   Thanks a lot for your help :D
  12.   Thank you very much :D Most of the part is clear to me, but I didn't understood the learningRate argument in the learn() method. Do I have to adjust it so that the network can learn or adjust weight on its own?
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