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  1. Does the type of games we want to make, matter to the type of game you want to make? Should it? How and how much? [/quote]I totally agree with you. I like what I've been doing. The challenges of trying to make the console work the way I want it to feel great to overcome! I also have been wanting to get back into programming games with graphics like I did in high school (2005), but I've just recently got back into programming, and I've forgotten many things. I'm relearning everything one step at a time. The reason I was trying to make a Roguelike style game in the console was that I thought doing so would make programming graphics games easier. In other words I dont have much confidence in my moving up to Graphical games. So a little question. Based on the program I made in the console, does anything think I'm ready to move on to programming graphical games? The program I made was pretty basic. I've also made text based RPG's in the console with a battle system, an inventory, some quests, and etc. Any advice/constructive criticism would be very much appreciated!
  2. Nice info Narf! I was snooping around the internet and came across this article. http://www.cplusplus.com/articles/G13hAqkS/ It pretty much puts down what I'm trying to do, but I understand where the OP is coming from. For instance, the console is not the best medium for event driven games. Does anyone else think its a good idea for me to start working with graphics instead of the console?
  3. Thanks Everyone for the info! This really clears things up for me. Guess I should give one of those Curses a try!
  4. Thanks for the cool advice! I like the OS check idea! I was trying to do as much as I could with the console without the use of NCurses, PDCurses, etc. I never used those libraries so I don't know how to work with them yet, but I'll look into it! First: So is there a way I could change the color of the console and set the cursor to the 0 position in the unix based OS' console without the use of external libraries? Or is using NCurses the only way? Second: I had a lot of fun trying to make this program on the console, The challenges felt great to overcome, and the feeling I got when I first tried out the program was even better! Programming is amazing!!!! My goal is to try to emulate an event driven mini-rpg in the console. Is this too much or impossible? If anyone has an example of what I'm trying to do, please let me review it!!!! It would be great to see that I'm not alone! Any advice or tips on what I should do next would be appreciated!
  5. Hello all! I recently created a console program using Dev-C++. The program took a few days to write, but it is still not complete. As it stands, the program is currently using a <windows.h> header to change the background/foreground color of the console and to set the console cursor position to 0. I would like this program to be able to run on non-windows operating systems, but I dont know how to go about doing that. The code is in the attached file. (Warning: noob code).
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