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    Needed non tiled based Level editor 2D

    GLEED2D Is outdated and and the path made by the GLEE2D can not be used in Citrus Engine   so i am thinking to buy R.U.B.E for 28$ 
  2. shubhamm

    Needed non tiled based Level editor 2D

    RAM is 8 GB no prob. in it   but now the Question is if we make level in inkscape and then export it to SVG    How should we import it to Citrus Engine ?   How the collision will be happen in box2d ?   Thanks Krohm for Reply..
  3. Hi i am not sure what to ask exact in words for non tile based editor   i am making a Hill Racing 2D Game for that i have to make levels which have to be non Linear,Horizontal type   For example bezier curve type   i tried Tiled Map ,Box2d WCK (Slow on Mobile) so i am looking for a level editor in which i can draw level and then import it to Citrus game engine(Flash) or Libgdx (Java)   only Free Editors i have checked R.U.B.E for Box2d but it's Paid   Thanks
  4. Sorry for posting in Wrong Forum . Please any Mod Or Staff Member Move it to right Section i tough that Beginner Section is good for this Topic Regards Shubham
  5. HI i am thinking of developing a new Flash based Online game so before starting developing i want to know that will i earn from this game There are many games which are doing this like Farmville ,Mafia Wars etc.. but i want to know from user that How many of you buy this items Regards Shubham
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