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  1. innipotente

    Animation for dummies XNA

  2. innipotente

    XNA and transparent fbx

    The only solution that works is FLIP NORMAL :-(
  3. innipotente

    XNA and transparent fbx

    The problem are double side faces. I cannot use double side texture because FBX doesn't support its!
  4. innipotente

    XNA and transparent fbx

    Backface culling is already disabled :-(
  5. Hi,[color=#2A2A2A] I'm creating a wp7 videogame (penalty soccer). [color=#2A2A2A] I am beginner and I must create a 3D animation of soccer goalkeeper.[color=#2A2A2A] One question. The best practice is:[color=#2A2A2A] [size=2]a) create 3D animations (three at least, goalkeeper dives to the right, to the left and UP);[color=#2A2A2A] [size=2]b) load animation with XNA or a library as XNANIMATION ( is WP7 ,XNA 4.0, compatible?) [size=2]and start it.[color=#2A2A2A] [size=2]c) calculate collision with physic library (BEPU for example) to determine possible parade. [color=#2A2A2A] Is it right?? [color=#2A2A2A] Thanks in advance,
  6. [color=#4A4A4A]Hi,[color=#4A4A4A] I have created png and applied it to fbx.[color=#4A4A4A] It's ok in the left perspective, but in the front e in the right png is not visible! [color=#4A4A4A] This is left view:[color=#4A4A4A] https://dl.dropbox.com/u/19315030/left.PNG[color=#4A4A4A] This is right view:[color=#4A4A4A] https://dl.dropbox.com/u/19315030/right.PNG[color=#4A4A4A] This is top view:[color=#4A4A4A] https://dl.dropbox.com/u/19315030/top.PNG[color=#4A4A4A] Finally, front view:[color=#4A4A4A] https://dl.dropbox.com/u/19315030/front.PNG [color=#4A4A4A] This is my fbx and png file:[color=#4A4A4A] https://dl.dropbox.com/u/19315030/Gate.zip [color=#4A4A4A] What I see on XNA is consistent with 3ds (only in the left side of the soccer goal, the net is visible) ! [color=#4A4A4A] Thanks in advance
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