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    Learning C#/XNA need some help...

    [sub]Thanks was helpfull also thanks for the reply =][/sub]
  2. Current Programmer Status: Beginner - Done some work with java.... not much Language of Choice: C#/XNA Basicly I need some good books/recources for learning C# AND XNA Game Studio 4.0 if anyone knows of any good ones please let me know =] I have some C# books that look nice but absolutly none for XNA =[ Thanks in Advance =]
  3. What are the best of the best books for learning C#? Also what are the best of the best books for learning XNA Game Studio 4.0? I would prefer if the books could be gotten in pdf form but normal paper back will do just as good =] Thanks in advance for all replies =]
  4. Game Sage

    A Good Way to Start Out?

    Thanks very much for help and good luck on your projects as well.
  5. Game Sage

    A Good Way to Start Out?

    Thanks for your input and yes I am curious as to which books you used if you could recommend a few that would be great!
  6. I have done a fair amount of research on what to use and what not to use when first starting out. After my research I am deciding to start off making easy 2d games such as pong/tetris than I eventually want to remake super mario bros and legend of zelda. Once I get a good grasp on how basic game mechanics work I plan on creating my own simple 2d platformer which I will eventually publish. Would this plan be a good way to start learning game design? Some usefull information is I really like programming I want to learn that the most but would like to learn how to make my own 2d sprites. My language of choice is C# (C sharp) I know its easy for new programmers to pick up on. Im not sure if it's considered a grahics library but I want to use XNA Game Studio 4.0 in combination with C#. Any suggestion on how to start out or a change in tools will be very usefull thanks in advanced to anyone who helps me out.
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