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    Looking for an easy-to-use graphic tools

    Thank you!
  2. Hi there, I would like to create a pdf file with simply graphics similar to the graphics in the following link. http://www.nfc-forum.org/events/oulu_spotlight/2009_09_01_Secure_Element_Programming.pdf For example, Page 34. I would like to descibe the communication between a card and a reader/writer. Is there any easy-to-use tools to create simple graphics? I have no experience with photoshop or coreldraw, is any of them an easy-to-use tools for this task? Thanks. Mark
  3. Don't go to that site. It's a massive time sink. You'll never get work done and you'll keep coming back for more. [/quote] Thank you for sharing your opinion. I already visited. At this stage I would like to visit as many as I can, then filter and leave the creams. I think Google Alert is also a useful tools.
  4. As a newbie, I would like to get updated about the "news" of the software industry. If software industry sounds too wide, I have special interests in smart phone applications and web applications. I would like to check for all those innovative technologies and products recently developed, and keep informed. It is a better a website so I can visit it anytime. Does anybody know such an information source and want to share? Thank you! Mark
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