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  1. I figured out a possible solution for the problem. The data passed from a vertex program to a fragment program always gets interpolated. It's not possible to pass custom values that don't get interpolated, thus the interpolation needs to be removed in the fragment shader. In this case i need the non-interpolated model-space-coordinates of the vertices in order to look up the tile-map texture. In the vertex shader i calculated the texture coordinates: // Texture Coordinates, 1/8 of the tileset OUT.texCoord = OUT.pageVertXZ.xy * 0.125; With this coordinates the vertex position can be calculated in the fragment shader: // set texCoord relative to 0,0 float2 pageVertXZ = floor(indata.texCoord * 8); The interpolation-value just gets cropped, what's left is the vertex coordinate in model space.
  2. Hi! I'm desperately trying to get a simple shader running. What i want is to texture a terrain page of 65 * 65 vertices with tiles from a textur atlas, using a second texture, the tile-map, to lookup the respective tile-type to use. Shaders are new to me, so it's likely that i didn't understand some of the logic i'm using. Instead of the tiles looked up in the tile-map it just repeats the whole tile-atlas a few times over the terrain page. In the following my shader code commented with what i think the respective lines should do. It should output the top left tile from the texture atlas, but instead it outputs, as mentioned earlier, the whole tile-atlas a few times over the page: [source lang="cpp"]// Output structure struct VP_Output { float4 wvpos : POSITION; float2 texCoord : TEXCOORD0; float4 pageVertXZ : COLOR; }; // Vertex program VP_Output TerrainVP( float4 position : POSITION, uniform float4x4 worldViewProj) { VP_Output OUT; // World position OUT.wvpos = mul(worldViewProj, position); // Position relative to model (top left vertex xz in page is 0, 0) OUT.pageVertXZ.xy = position.xz; // Texture Coordinates, 1/8 of the tileset (tile set contains 8 * 8 tiles, 256 * 256 pixels) // In the fragment shader the texture coordinates will be set to 0,0 + the automatic interpolation OUT.texCoord = OUT.pageVertXZ.xy * 0.125; return OUT; } // Output structure struct FP_Output { float4 color : COLOR; }; FP_Output TerrainFP(float2 texCoord : TEXCOORD0, float4 pageVertXZ : COLOR, uniform sampler2D lookupTex : TEXUNIT1, uniform sampler2D decal : TEXUNIT0) { FP_Output OUT; // set texCoord relative to 0,0 float2 tc2; tc2.xy = texCoord - pageVertXZ.xy * 0.125; // This should output the respective pixel color of the first tile (top left) from the atlas OUT.color = tex2D(decal, tc2); return OUT; }[/source] Any help is appreciated. Thanks whisp