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  1. Hey im designing a 2D platformer game and i cant decide weather to do classic NES style music like that in mario mixed with some other stuff or give it a modern sound, like in newer games.
  2. StillWorkingOnIt

    Need Help Designing Characters

    Hey guys ive been working on a game and i really need some help designing characters, im a pretty good artist, at least good enough to draw what i need but ive basically run out of ideas for character clothing, hair, and possibly stance. There's about 10-15 characters, taking place in an urban setting, and it revolves around mainly hand to hand combat and i was wondering if you guys had any ideas?
  3. StillWorkingOnIt

    Some questions

    Because i'm feeling kind of lazy i'll adress just this one. If you want to create an emotional bond between the player and this other character its good to firstly have a solid backstory about how the main character and the other character know each other. Get the other character to save the main character's life several times. Make this other character extremely optimistic and carefree, to get people feeling like he's the better half of the two characters. If you really want to impact the player get him to die while they're having a conversation about what he wants to do in the future (like his dreams and goals) in a hostile area, and then bam! he dies right infront of you. and your character has to become extremely emotionally upset about it. Or even better, as they're about to make it and they're home free he gets killed. the point being you have to get the character to be the better of the two (personality wise) you have to have a history between them, and he has to die in a happy moment to turn the mood completely around.
  4. StillWorkingOnIt

    Help needed with a story

    not the greatest author in the world, but ill give it a shot. So as a story line i was thinking that in the semi distant future, 20-30 years, a second cold war had broken out between the Americans and the Russians. Nuclear weapons had gotten to a point where it would spell world disaster if used.The Americans had been working for some time now on modifying genes, and with the start if this war the focus had moved from creating a bigger and badder bomb to biological warfare. The Americans were working on modifying strands of Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease) to create a similar effect in humans. eventually a team of scientists felt they had something ready for testing, however it was required to be transported to a larger facility to accommodate these tests. (Obviously they dont test on humans, they would use ordinary cells) 10 containers would be transported via cargo ship to the new facility. When removing the cargo containers (the big metal ones) at the new destination the crane lifting it snapped dropping it against the side of the ship (breaking it open) and into the water. Upon retrieval they discovered one of the containers had been damaged and may have begun to leak. The government issued a quarantine on the area and blocked off the water supply calling it contamination via pollution to prevent the public of gaining knowledge of the incident. In case of the virus having already been contracted, 100's of top scientists are issued to study the remaining samples to understand its effects and develop a possible cure. Within a month or so they conclude the strand is benign and has no effect on humans whatsoever. The quarantine is lifted and is said to be a false alarm and the project is scrapped. (Fast forward 5 years) In a remote area of the world with no population you the main character are a military pilot (hence the gun experience and a reason for your one vs one fighting skills) guarding a string of small communication outposts with several other soldiers as part of B Company, because of previous attacks on communication towers by Russia. It has been almost 1 year that you've been here. You have received no communications from home for 2 weeks now and assume its an error on their part. Strong winds had knocked down one of the towers just a few days ago and with no way to contact base you and your company decide to head back for supplies to fix the downed tower. Mid flight you realize your plane is running low on fuel and attempt to make an emergency landing in the nearest airport. Calling in you get no response and realize you have to go in now. you come in for the landing with essentially no fuel and your makes a hard landing causing you to black out. When you wake up you're in an empty house. You go outside still dizzy and see a man walking across the street his back turned to you and you limp to him calling out to him. Your a few feet away when he turns around and you catch your first glimpse of the zombie. You stagger backwards and fall down when you hear a gunshot and the zombie drops dead. someone grabs you from behind and pulls you back in towards the house and you see more zombies on the horizon. The guy tells you, your going to get him killed after he saved your life and your given a gun. So you start right off killing zombies (gameplay) After killing the zombies you have a small talk and he tells you about everything, shows you news articles, tells you about the government cover-up and the mutation of the virus from benign to malignant, etc. and thats the start of the game. And that is all it didnt take long to write, not the best, but not bad
  5. You can achieve this firstly by making the game bright and colourful to start with. No one dies in a dark gloomy game and is cheerful about it. Aside from that checkpoints and lives are a great way to bring this about. People feel at ease when they have no fear of losing the mass progress they've made. Most games also have an interesting and happy kind of death. for example, newer PS3 games will often have some really low deadly sounding music when you die, games like uncharted make everything go black and white, games like call of duty make the screen blurry and then fade out. All in all it brings about a very "real" dying experience. Games like Mario will play a mini cheerful tune and display a funny "oh no!" face when you die, with no real aspect of death involved. Its about making the players feel relaxed and okay about losing a life or two.
  6. Hey ive been working on a beat em up game for some time now and i want to introduce unique story lines for my 15 characters kind of like tekken. But i seem to be stuck finding a reason why these 15 characters would all be in one place trying to defeat one boss. I'll give you guys a bit of background info on the game. So its going to be based in mostly urban areas like streets, malls, subway, rooftops, movie theater, construction site, etc. but it will have some non urban areas as well. Anyway there are going to be 15 characters and one main boss they all want to fight. They're not nessecarily working together but i am making a co-op mode so they do need to have some reason why they might interact with each other. I'm really stuck on this, if you guys could offer any ideas. The MAIN thing i need is why all of them are trying to defeat this boss, like what did he do to make them go after him, or something. and if anyone has any ideas for a unique story line for one of the 15 characters id love to hear it. the story line doesn't have to be so text heavy. like one of my story lines is that one of the characters wants to achieve fame and wealth (pretty basic). So yeah, please help! im really stuck
  7. StillWorkingOnIt

    Help with trailer

    Just a small tip. When your designing the game make sure your weapons would scientifically work. Im not saying you have to actually make it a working model or whatever, i mean it more in the sense that when in Star Trek, they say fire the photon torpedo, its essentially a flash light....
  8. StillWorkingOnIt

    What would you like to see in a Twin Stick Shooter?

    A shop and achievement section in any game provides an addictive touch. People always want to feel like they've acheived something and have reason to keep playing. Create different maps, what i mean by this is, your game has say 5 map zone thingy's, and you can choose any of them, however they vary in difficulty and you either need high skill to win or you need to have enough upgrades to be strong enough. As long as a player has something to work towards, they'll keep playing.
  9. StillWorkingOnIt

    Best Programming Language For a Beat'em Up Game

    would C# be good? or C++?
  10. StillWorkingOnIt

    2D Layered Perspective?

    He pretty much covered most of it, but aside from what he said, casting a shadow on the surface below will trick the brain into assuming there is depth in 2D
  11. StillWorkingOnIt

    iOS fighting game concept

    like you said the game concept is much like that of classic fighting games (soul caliber, street fighter, etc) however, a game with very limited moves as well as a one on one fight may get boring pretty fast. especially with little to no plot. If i were to work on a project like this i would consider adding a few things. - a small backstory to each character and why they want to acheive world dominance - Combo's - A Story Mode - Multiplayer Fighting - Destroyable Backgrounds - Humans vs Big Monster (retaliation)
  12. StillWorkingOnIt

    Random Encounters: How To Keep Them Fresh.

    Very true. I recently finished playing pokemon red again for old times sake, and to be honest i found myself fighting countless wild pokemon to level up and it just got so damn boring. Because this is an RPG game, i would assume there is leveling up. The leveling up on its own provides incentive for players to fight enemies and you wouldn't necessarily have to make the enemies interesting, you could just create a large number of possible ways to defeat the enemy (attacks). Nevertheless it does get boring so here's my mini list of ideas. - variety of enemies to fight - strength of the enemies vary (challenging enemies can be annoying when trying to level up because you need to heal) - 2 vs 1 battles, 3 vs 1 and so on - repeatable quests (kill a certain # of enemies to claim a reward) - Interactive attacks (certain and very few attacks have a coloured bar with green, yellow and red. And the closer you hit to the green the higher damage you can inflict. - Alternate routes that are longer with very few monsters, and shorter routes with more monsters to provide choice. - Boss monsters and that's all i can think off for now
  13. Hey, im relatively new to designing games, so i thought i would ask for some help from some people with experience. My long term goal is to make a beat'em up game, similar to something like Little Fighters 2 or Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Anyway i was hoping you guys could give me some insight on what would be the best programming language for me to get comfortable with so i can work on a game like this. Any help is greatly appreciated. EDIT: sorry for not mentioning it, but yes im aiming for a 2D game.
  14. StillWorkingOnIt

    Main menu for game

    I love the background, however like Alex said, the buttons do stand out rather strongly and to me, don't fit in for some reason. It should blend in a little more, in way that makes people feel like it should just be there and that its not part of a menu screen. < sounds weird, i know. BUT, doing a quick google search i found this: http://www.decane.net/external/bos/diary/13_menu.jpg. And from it you can see what i mean. The menu buttons look like they belong on the background and don't pop out at you so much. But then again if a pop-out look is what you're going for. Stick with it.
  15. StillWorkingOnIt

    My...sorta crazy idea.

    Hey, read your stuff over, and its pretty damn good! Love your overall game concept, mostly because of the level of involvement the player has on the outcome. Reminds me of when i used to play GTA and i would fail like a car chase mission and the guy would get away, then i would just get another chance and i found myself thinking "well this game is so linear, and i have no control even with free roam", on the flip side however i did realize a fault in this kind of idea. Although it is amazing and i would love for it to happen, depending on the number of main plot advancing "missions" if you will, it will result in the developer having to make massive amounts of outcomes. lets say for example your game has 5 main plot advancing "missions". When you play the first, you'll end up with 2 possibilites, win or lose. and each of those 2 possibilities have 2 more possibilities, and those 4 possibilities each have 2 possibilites, and so on, meaning having 5 plot advancing missions (which is kind of small) would require you to actually make 31 (if my math is right) different missions. Aside from that, you can get around this kind of problem by setting a few "key" moments where your loss or win directly impact the storyline, or much like Infamous your actions have positive or negative consequences in the form of a non-plot related change. So, say you failed a certain mission and thus a certain building you could once enter has now been demolished from then on, or say you succeed and certain people will then aid you. Anyway just my thoughts, hope you work on it, it sounds really amazing, and your an awesome writer ;)
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