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  1. tin&food our First Project

  2. tin&food our First Project

    [size=3]hello guys , we are a fresh "garage" indie located in Africa , we have started 6 months ago the greatest adventure gamers can have: becoming a video game developper and share some fun and great moments with people around the world playing our games . [/size] [size=3]So we decided to begin with a screengame platformer running on ( Pc , mac , iOS & Android ) Yeah Unity3D rox ![/size] [size=3]Here a short gameplay Footage , we will be glad to anwser to all your Questions , We need your Feedbacks/Critics/Support , we are trying to have a large community and implement content YOU chose to have on the game ; We are here to make not only a nice and funny game but we also try putting in your ideas (Art/gameplay ..etc)[/size] [url=""][size=3][media][/media][/size][/url]
  3. Exoplanet: First Contact (3D Action/RPG)

    realy nice work guys , as a fresh indie like you we wish you Good luck.