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    pls help me with few directx doubts... Am a beginner

    pls anybody teach me abt placing this so called 'virtual camera' and also about its projection matrix in detail i choose direct x 10 because i have bought the book for it .... I have also found that 11 and 10 are almost same (from program code point of view) and i thought it would be easy for me to get used with it.
  2. Vignesh Technologist

    pls help me with few directx doubts... Am a beginner

    Morley, DirectX 10 doesn't work with XP. It was one of the big reasons PC gamers jumped on Vista: the first Windows OS to actually support DX10 code. Anything on XP has to resort to DX9.0c features. DirectX 11 is able to down-level to DX10 feature levels, and runs on Vista, which is why 11 is more prevalent than 10: if you're targeting DX10, you can use DX11, because you've already excluded XP users. Rockvignesh25: have you defined your viewport? That helps the rendering pipeline determine where matrix-transformed pixels actually appear relative to the display buffer's borders. [/quote] vp.topleftx = 0 vp.toplefty = 0 vp.width = 1600 // my screen resolution vp.height = 900 vp.mindepth = O.O vp.maxdepth = 1.0
  3. Vignesh Technologist

    A Few Words of Encouragement

    all over the world professors are like that... You know my prof. Taught entire C++ in just 2 hours.. Beginners(who took biology in high school) are almost dead... He did the same thing ...just showed some presentation in one night and finished the portion
  4. Vignesh Technologist

    pls help me with few directx doubts... Am a beginner

    please bear me with spellings ... I am lazy in typing
  5. Hello, i am a beginner in game programming and i am learning direct x 10 from the book 'intro. To 3d game programming with direct x 10' . I have lots of doubts.Please help me 1. Most of the time i am confused with view matrix and projection matrix. ie i am lost in 3d space. I placed a triangle pyramid at the centre with co-ordinates -1 0 1 , 0 1 1 , 1 0 1, -1 0 4 , 0 1 4 , 1 0 4 and used index buffer to specify indices .... And i am sure that it is correct... Now i am problem with view and projection matrix D3DXMatrixPerspectiveForLH(&proj, 0.5f * D3DX_PI , aratio , 1, 1000); D3DXMatrixLookAtLH(&View , &pos , &target , &up); where pos = 0 4 -1 target = 0 1 1 now what i see is a screen shows is a single color which i set for second vortex. I didn't see any 3d object.... I am sure that the problem is with placing virtual camera . Please help me with this problem on how to place the camera and what should me its projection matrix ..... 2. How to program a 3d navigable interface just like in first person games and one additional thing is that if i want to go up i should be able to go in that direction.... At lease i myself move around that 3d space and look around for that object that i have placed there. 3. To display text I used GDI textout fn but it is not displayed.. So how to use gdi with direct 3D (I know Win32 api for a good extent)
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