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  1. Good morning, I have been having great fun with UE4 and looking for projects to spend some time on. I have a bachelor of software engineering and am full time employed. Let me know if you have any interest. Thank you,
  2. I'd never though about the "visible object". I will see for it thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, Some time ago, I started to develop a game on android with andengine. That is w Working well. I am just working to look at some feedback at my design yet. Here is what I am having right now. I could also put some code if you want. Briefly, this is a survival with some rts/rpg system. If you have any questions, don't hesitate.
  4. wiwip

    Help needed with a story

    I'd first start by saying thank you. Second, StillWorkingOnIt the story is nice. Classic but effective. It can easily be implemented to my game. Also, Wolfgang01, the story is very original and different from what I expected, but I like it. As of now, I would use first story and implementing things from the second. Still, I won't refuse others ideas Thank you very much.
  5. Hi everyone, As stated in the title, I need a story for a game. Basically, it is a normal zombie survival game. It is bases on squad management and on defending yourself correctly. So, I need a small draft - 100 to 500 words - of what could have happened to that world. And why is it like that ? I need a name for the squad and the leaders of that squad. I would also need some "event" of any type that could happend to the squad. And at last, I need a name for the game. I still have some idea like "Last Resort". The thing is that I don't really know if a game already have that name. But the most important part is that I'm frenchman so I don't exactly know how it would sound to someone hearing it in english. If someone could come to me with a nice idea and something well written, I will make sure that he gets dome credits in the final form of the game. If you need any more details, just ask. Thank you, have a great day (or night) Wiwip
  6. Personally not offended at all. I am even thanking you for your comments. I did some changes to my post, added more feedback needed and went to visual art section asking for help. Thank you.
  7. Thank you, I am presently at job. I will make changes tonight. I basically need advices on wich kind od grwphics you would seek in a game like that. your comments have been taken. Thank you.
  8. Hi everyone, About me I am Louis-Philipe. I am an computer engineering student currently. Still 2 years to go ... So, I have learned - in order - HTML, Visual Basic 6, C# (only the basics), python with pygame, C and currently getting more comfortable with Java. For most of it, I am self learning but I still got some university courses. The last game I did was a project at school and it was pretty decent. Short but decent. So, I am 20. I like programmations and game making. I'd like to get better. By the way, I've read the tips "don't post in the first hours of the creating of the account". The things is that I know that site for a while so I know how it is. PS I am a french guy. If I am doing some error in english, I won't be offended if you correct me. About the game itself First, I have already started a little that project. He is currently under development. I want that game to be like a squad survival game. I want to add it some upgradable portion for the guys, I would have a level system with persistent upgrades. No multiplayer part, that I'm pretty sure. Most important, I am developping that game to work on android devices with andengine engine. andengine.org About where I am Currently, the graphics portion have to be redone since I am using free stuff from the internet. The soldiers are self made but I think they are way too simple. Are they ? The sound part is currently not done at all. The allied soldiers part is currently most done. Modifications will have to be done further, but I am satisfied for now. The enemy part is currently done, but I'd like to add more enemy in the future. The wavesystem is basically done and I will improve it a lot in the future. The upgrade system is not done at all The saving system is not done at all, same for the loading system Mainmenu is roughly done currently Current work I plan actually to finish the game systems and to improve graphics. I will follow it by the upgrade system and a save/load system I will then add more level to play with. Feedback So, what I need for feedback is about the general idea of the game.Personally, what would you think would be good to have here ?I also need comments about what you see in the picture overall so I can improve.You can alsocomment me on the unit/building/rts/rpg part of the game.Finally, if you would see a game that type on android market by example, would you try it ? Conclusion I don't plan on having finished that game soon. I am planing to continue to put work on it. If anyone is interested in trying the game - I still in really early stage of developpment - I can maybe pass you the APK or mostly upload it to the androidmarket. Thank you to everyone. Thank you everyone.
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