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  1. Hello fellow gamers! To further explain my thread title, I am both a gamer and advertising designer trying to open up my own little boutique catering to branding and advertising for video games. I've been a gamer since the tender age of seven, and have been designing for almost as long as that. To marry the two is my goal, and I want to start with the smaller, independent video game developers / publishers looking for a specific aesthetic to launch their game into the public eye. What's the catch? Well, I'm looking to do all of this pro bono, in order to get my feet wet in the industry. So it may sound too good to be true, but I really just want to combine the two things I love. I'm in the process of a website redesign, but you can find my current portfolio at The new boutique will be under a different name, and obviously isn't ready to launch yet; I'd like to get a couple video game specific projects under my belt before! Please feel free to reply to this thread, message me or email ( if interested! To sum it up, I'm an advertising professional, video game aficionado, and hopeful entrepreneur. Thank you for reading! I hope to hear back from some potential collaborators [img][/img] -Ashley